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Kare Possick is a Visionary Artist and Quantum Wellness Educator who has been passionate about body, mind, and spirit wellness for well over 40 years. She opened the first Biofeedback Clinic in Ohio in the early 70’s and has been a pioneer, teacher, and author in Quantum Energy and Light Therapy. She has also run a Yoga School, wrote the best selling book, ‘Why Are You Poisoning Your Family?’ and has lectured about health and nutrition and built some of the largest networks in history around natural and regenerative products.

In her newest book, ‘You’re How Old?’ she shares her personal story of a raw natural product that has saved her husband’s life and given new life and energy to thousands of others worldwide. Kare has the knack of explaining complicated scientific processes in simple language that anyone can enjoy and understand. She lives in Florida with her husband, Charles, and their 3 goldendoodles … where Kare paints, gardens, raises orchids, and educates anyone who is ready to listen about quantum health and total wellness.

My Story

For nearly 50 years I have been teaching about quantum physics, energy medicine, body-mind-spirit balancing, love, and healing.

But my love for science and energy came from a real need to understand what I saw and knew as a child. I saw energies that no one else claimed to see and I played with faeries.

I learned at a very young age to keep my mouth shut about all that.I spent most of my early years in the science section of my little local library looking for explanations about energy and the things no one would or could talk with me about.

By 4th grade when I had read everything in the science section … I asked “NOW WHAT?” and I heard a loud voice in my head say “take a book from the right and one from the left and go home!”

I went home with Yoganada’s “Autobiography of a Yogi” from the Metaphysics Section which was on the left of the Science Section and “Song of Bernadette” about the Miracle of Lourdes from the Religion Section on the right.

Most of my questions were answered and my mind was blown wide open to potential and possibilities. I became quite spiritual … and a closet Yogi with miracles happening in my room — and even more things to keep quiet about.

So, I spent a lot of time in my room where I prayed and I colored and I drew. Art became my meditation and also my connection to the energies that I saw and communed with. Most of my artwork was drawn in circles — I didn’t find out why until much later.

Those are things I have never before printed in my bio before.

My Traditional Bio…

Biofeedback was the burgeoning science that promised me more answers. I became a Biofeedback Therapist and opened the first Biofeedback Clinic in Ohio in the late 1960’s teaching stress management and creativity … and was at the real forefront of body-mind-spirit research.

I have been a professor at two universities … and have lectured worldwide on topics including quantum physics, energy medicine, light therapy, and quantum consciousness.

With the opening of the Kare School of Yoga in St. Petersburg, Florida and the development of the Kare System of Yoga and Yoga Video … I was invited to represent the United States at the World Congress of Natural Medicine in Beijing, China and teach my system of Yoga and Awareness. (My anachronism for Y.O.G.A is –Your Own Growth Awareness.)

I had also developed a real passion for natural healing and nutrition and began teaching anyone who would listen about how to take care of their own health (because a doctor wanted to give me a pacemaker at age 20 … which I fixed with diet and meditation. )

My first book, “Why Are You Poisoning Your Family” sold nearly a million copies … and launched a career as a consumer advocate for natural products. Click here for a free download of my little book. << I also started Quantum Consciousness Cruises which brought together healers and light workers from around the world to travel and play together on cruise ships … visiting special locations and sacred spots while learning the latest in research in quantum healing and consciousness techniques, therapies, and technologies.[/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column][/et_pb_row][/et_pb_section]

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