Dear One —  Happy September! We are still in Mercury Retrograde so it is still a yin cycle for us to be quiet and contemplative and plan what is next, but we also need to be looking back on our work and accomplishments and see what to change and upgrade as we move forward.

I have recently been accepted into the Teacher Training and Adept Program with the Circle of Life and the Lamasery and am looking for locations to teach Tai Chi Gung — this most ancient, sacred regenerative movement.   I will also teach in my home and probably online through Zoom so let me know if you have an interest in attending–or if you know of a great location in or around St. Petersburg, FL.

I have been doing Tai Chi Gung practice daily since Charles passed–which is 9 months now–and it has regenerated my body, mind, and soul while connecting me to the Divine with peace and love.  Click here for more information. 

A little over six months ago I shared my passion for the most powerful plant-based High-Frequency Wellness Spray –iHeRQles– with Master Lama Rasaji, one of only 12 living Master Lamas on the Planet, and Spokesperson for the oldest Lamasery in Tibet (3,300 years old).

He invited me to be his guest on his Wellness Wednesday Program to give his six-month Testimonial and to share with his world-wide audience his beliefs about iHeRQles. I thought you might want to see this!

I do believe that in all my 50+ years in natural healing and energy medicine– iHeRQles is the most important thing you can be putting in your body because it contains the top high-frequency molecules from 44 of the most powerful plants on the planet that goes directly into your bloodstream opening the circulation and microcirculation, releasing inflammation, cleaning the blood, nourishing the cells, and reversing biological age and issues by up to 20-30 years!!!

Here is some of the basic iHeRQles information that I have assembled for you:


  1. * Sunday Night Training Zoom or Phone in. Please attend this! I go over the science, history and how it works in the body.  People ask questions and give their testimonials! Invite your Friends and Family!  Every Sunday Evening 9 pm eastern time—6 pm pacific time. Go to Code: 836 4883 1733 Password: wellness Or here’s the direct ZOOM link:     GgrTotGdcaLQfJ_oslLYs_6vMk0zBP Or if you just want to call in go to
    301-715-8592  pin# 836 488 31733
  2. Facebook Support Group—Join here click: for Kare’s Wellness Spray Community. Ask your questions, see the newest specials, see the Zoom classes here anytime.
  3. Download my Free Book: The Only Way to Get Well!
  4. Subscribe to my YouTube Channel: Kare’s High Frequency Wellness I have 40 or more videos about iHerQles and a few other important health topics
  5. Want to see all the ingredients and what they do? Want to know more about the technology? Want to know about the business and how to enroll others in your back office? Want videos you can send to others without my phone number on them?
    Go to


Are you holding your hands over your food and blessing it for your body? It really does make a difference and our food needs all the help it can get!  Here’s a very powerful prayer…

Messages from my Little Garden …

I have been learning how to grow food in my Florida garden … and even though you can grow all year round–and I have mastered fruit trees and orchids, vegetables have been a real challenge to me.  Many things that grew last season didn’t do well again because of the heat.  But boy can I grow peppers and eggplants!  Here’s a look at my little garden now…

Kare’s Purple Rice Specials

Summer is almost over and it’s time to harvest. So I have some really good news so you can start putting up a quantity of Micronized Purple Rice in your storehouse at the best pricing I ever offer … and I can only do this once or twice a year!

This is so important now to have real pure heirloom food that gets into your cells without having to go through your whole digestive system. It is 100% powerful heirloom nutrients!

Between today and the 21st of September you can buy a 12 bottle case of Micronized Purple Rice for $475 and I will buy 3 more bottles for you … so that is 15 bottles at $31.66 per bottle. (The company, when they are running a special, are charging $800 for a case of 12! That is $66.66 per bottle.)

And if you can’t do that right now … you can purchase 5 bottles for $199 now! (That’s $39.80 per bottle).

Of course, you can always get 3 bottles for $130, 4 bottles for $169, 6 bottles for $225 or 10 bottles for $349.

So call me at 727-798-8764, because these specials are not on my website.

And if you want more information about what Micronized Purple Rice has been doing in my body for 10 years and in the bodies of about 25,000 people who I have shared this amazing food with…go to

Mandala of the Week: Interdimensional Clearing

This Special Mandala contains both the language and organization to aid in opening and clearing the sacred portals between dimensions.
We are coming into the Portal of Shiva on 11-11-22…and for 21 days following.   This will be the most powerful opening and clearing and transformational time!!!  So this can help you prepare for it.

Message:  Encircled by a powerful blessing to bring in assistance to clear the pathway between dimensions, this Sacred Seal aligns us to receive crystal Clear Communication and channeled information from our Higher Self.  For most of us, this portal has been tightly sealed.  Resonating with the frequencies of this Sacred Geometry can bring in knowledge and understanding that surpasses all of our previous levels.  Activate this Mandala when working with dimensions of time and space (clearing old physical and emotional pain, energy patterns, and karma).  Then experience new structured information flooding your cells with the light of knowing the oneness of all there is. Blessings, Kare
For more information and to view my Mandala Gallery CLICK HERE

Please take care of your body temple this week.  Share your good news with your friends and family.  Eat real food.  Drink 1/2 your body weight in ounces of good WATER a day.   Honor the Yin Cycle and don’t push yourself too hard — breath, relax, do Tai Chi Gung with me (click here for my free class)  And know that I am here if you need help! 727-798-8764















Kare Possick

Kare Possick

Visionary Artist, Author, &
Quantum Wellness Educator



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