Dear One — Such Exciting times!!! We chose to be here now I am sure.  And this is it.  The Blood Moon and Eclipse, the Elections and 11-11-2022 is Friday! Called the Portal of Shiva … the energy from the 5th dimension will be coming into our 3rd dimension for 21 days…which is the beginning of a 33-year cycle of clearing out negative energies and upgrading the positive!  I am ready for this, aren’t you?

There will be an Inspired Explanation and Beautiful Program, Meditation, and High-frequency Music starting at 11:11 am central time Friday 11-11-22.   You can join by first going to www.RasajiWith and signing into the Circle of Life 45-day Challenge … and then clicking on this link  You will be glad you connected with this profound knowledge!

My Mandala Called Strength and Courage was being called out for this week. The strongest structure on the physical plane is the structure found at the center of our cells. Within it is carried the courage to gratefully receive the sacred gift — Life!

The geometric structure of this fire Mandala fortifies the space around it.  Breathe and feel its presence.  So strong yet flexible.  Free to move and spin but firmly connected at true center to Life Force itself.

Sense this sacred geometry spinning at the center of each cell of blood and bone, nerve and muscle, organ and skin, energizing, fortifying, fueling the ONE.  Namaste

To see more of my Mandalas and their messages click here.


iHeRQles — The Most Important Food
for your Body, Mind & Spirit!

In my 50+ years in Natural Healing and Energy Medicine — iHeRQles is the most important product I have found.  Everyone–yes everyone–can benefit from it.  It is 100% plants–but the highest frequency quantum molecules from 44 of the most powerful plants on the planet.

More than 300,000 patients have used this through medical doctors in Europe and everyone got better!!! Read that again.

Now we have it here in the US at prices people can afford.  And it takes the place of nearly all those supplements we have been ingesting for years!

iHeRQles does what nothing else can do — it nourishes the body to such a profound and quantum level that the circulation and microcirculation opens up, inflammation goes away (that’s the cause of aging and all our issues), boosts our immune system, stimulates production of new stem cells!, and actually reversed biological age and issues by up to 20-30 years!

Here’s a short video of Jim Barnet, one of the owners of the company, explaining how it actually can remove plaque from our arteries … which is the major cause of heart disease!


Kare’s iHeRQles Support Information:

1.* Sunday Night Training Zoom or Phone in. Please attend this! I go over the science, history and how it works in the body.  People ask questions and give their testimonials! Invite your Friends and Family!  Every Sunday Evening 9 pm eastern time—6 pm pacific time. Go to Code: 836 4883 1733 Password: wellness Or here’s the direct ZOOM link:     GgrTotGdcaLQfJ_oslLYs_6vMk0zBP Or if you just want to call in go to
301-715-8592  pin# 836 488 31733

2.Facebook Support Group—Join here click: for Kare’s Wellness Spray Community. Ask your questions, see the newest specials, see the Zoom classes here anytime.

3.Download my Free Book: The Only Way to Get Well!

4. Subscribe to my YouTube Channel: Kare’s High Frequency Wellness I have 40 or more videos about iHerQles and a few other important health topics.


Here’s my November Purple Rice Special …

My Grandson Greyson, who is strong and super healthy at 3, has been eating Micronized Purple Rice since he was born.  It is the most assimilable pure food that doesn’t even have to go through the whole digestive process. Mixed with water and drunk–it enters through the cell membranes to fuel the mitochondria with pure nutrients.

Fuel your body with highly assimilable nutrients that your body can use to function at higher levels. Buy 8 bottles and I will buy you 2 more free.  $349 for 10 bottles or $39.40 per bottle. 

You can always buy 2 get 1 free for $130, 3+1 free for  $169 or 5+1 free for $225. Since my specials are not on my website–call me at 727-798-8764 to order (9 am – 5 pm M-F eastern time).

And if you want more information about what Micronized Purple Rice has been doing in my body for 10 years and in the bodies of about 25,000 people who I have shared this amazing food with…go to

My Garden is Still Growing — Come see!

Tomatoes, okra, eggplant are growing beyond my expectations!  Lots of other crops are done and I am figuring out what to plant next that will make it through the winter in Florida.

Yes we have winter–usually only for a few days at a time–but it is possible for a freeze.  My ginger plants are done–so I will be harvesting ginger soon.  Excited to see how much it has multiplied over the season.

Here are 2 short 2-minute videos that I just took. So come take a look at my little November Florida garden!

My Lion’s Mane Mushrooms are still producing and OMG are they good!  They really do taste like lobster.

As a new vegetable and mushroom gardener — I am making mistakes and letting nature teach me her secrets … and I am a quick learner and happy to share what  I am learning with you.

Astrology Update!

A new friend of mine, Mary Welter is an Astrologer.  I asked her to do an astrological reading for this time period since there is sooo much going on that is very significant right now.

Click here to hear her astrological predictions!

For readings go to LibertyLady Astrology

Stay Positive Dear Ones & Keep Your Frequencies High!

Please do not put off preparing your body, mind, and spirit. 11-11-22 (The 21-day Portal of Shiva Opening) is here!

Raise your frequency and fill your body with the most powerful nutrients on the planet — iHeRQles and Micronized Purple Rice.

Raise your frequency and move your body — move your CHI — let the ancient sacred regenerative movement art form — Tai Chi Gung … reset your balance, reprogram your energy flows, regenerate your wellness, and reconnect you to the Divine. Click here.

Know that I am here for you … and I am sending you blessings for your health and well-being.   727-798-8764










Kare Possick

Kare Possick

Visionary Artist, Author, &
Quantum Wellness Educator



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