Dear One — Thank-fullness.  How thank full are you? I am filled to the brim with thanks, gratefulness, and gratitude! As I get older and wiser I am seeing that the more I give thanks for my life, my family, my work, my play, my teachers, my students, my friends, my home, my garden, my pets, etc  … the more matching energy comes back to me … so it just keeps getting better and better.  And I pray that you are experiencing the same.

I am so thankful for two major blessings in my life this year which have helped my body, mind, and spirit in so many ways I can’t even count them all.  One is iHeRQles High Frequency Wellness Spray and the other is Tai Chi Gung and the Circle of Life with Master Lama Rasaji. Both have been absolutely transformational to my health and the positive direction my life has taken this year.

Here is a new video that we did together on Wellness Wednesday where we share our testimonials with the thousands of people who watch on his Circle of Life Network.  It feels so good to be making a difference in so many lives and then seeing that multiply worldwide! Watch here…

Kare’s iHeRQles Support Information:

1.* Sunday Night Training Zoom or Phone in. Please attend this! I go over the science, history, and how it works in the body.  People ask questions and give their testimonials! Invite your Friends and Family!  Every Sunday Evening 9 pm eastern time—6 pm pacific time. Go to Code: 836 4883 1733 Password: wellness Or here’s the direct ZOOM link:     GgrTotGdcaLQfJ_oslLYs_6vMk0zBP Or if you just want to call in go to
301-715-8592  pin# 836 488 31733

2.Facebook Support Group—Join here click: for Kare’s Wellness Spray Community. Ask your questions, see the newest specials, see the Zoom classes here anytime.

3.Download my Free Book: The Only Way to Get Well!

4. Subscribe to my YouTube Channel: Kare’s High Frequency Wellness I have 40 or more videos about iHerQles and a few other important health topics.


During my morning meditation the other day I wrote this and then recorded it …

I am so grateful for the expansion in my life that I have experienced since I was introduced (or guided to) Master Lama Rasaji, Tai Chi Gung, and the Circle of Life. Yes–expansion in so many areas:  physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.  My health of body, mind, and spirit is so elevated .I am excited with new knowledge and new purpose and so filled with positivity and gratitude that all I attract to me are beautiful synchronicities that fill me with joy. At the top of the scale of self-realization is Outrageous Joy (developed by Dr. David Hawkins in his book Power vs. Force). Well … I am experiencing outrageous joy in every cell of my body which is the fuel for my extraordinary level of health and regeneration. My body is totally regenerating.  My bloodwork is now perfect. I’m more focused and productive than ever.  Money is flowing easily. And my connection to the Divine is …  well I am so in love with the Divine to the extent that I am perceiving at a deep level than ever before … the divinity in all things and all people.  I am beyond grateful.  Oh, and also to his brilliant side-kick Spiritual Patriot Jimmie Schwinn.

Nothing has ever felt more right in my life! — Kare Possick New Tai Chi Gung Teacher and Adept.


For more information go to www.RasajiWith and sign into the Circle of Life 45-day Challenge to receive the Tai Chi Gung exercises, programs, and high frequency music to elevate you throughout your day.!

Mandala of the Week — Regeneration!

It is only fitting to celebrate regeneration … since it has been an amazing part of my life this year.

RegenerationThis is the first Vesica Mandala that I created … it actually appears to be moving between dimensions recreating or regenerating itself in a new dimension.

Its color frequencies, sacred geometries, and biosignatures make it one of the favorites among healers of body, mind, and spirit.

Take a moment to breathe and focus from one circle to the other and see what emerges for you from this Regenerating Vesica Piscis Mandala.

A vesica piscis is created when two circles overlap.  The almond shape in the middle is the vesica … a portal between dimensions. To see more of my Mandalas and their messages click here.

My Perfect Heirloom Food

You know that I have been using and recommending Micronized Purple Rice for about 10 years now and have a quarter of a million people eating it with me!

It is a very rare heirloom food grown in northern Thailand by hand, planted by the phases of the moon, and intentionally harvested.  Then just the nutrients are removed — it takes 100 pounds of this rice to get 1 pound of nutrients — and that is all that is in this amazing food.  It is a powder that you mix in water and drink … and instead of having to go through the whole digestive process … it is absorbed directly through the cell membranes of the mouth, throat, and esophagus to fuel the mitochondria (the cellular batteries) to create energy so the body can function the way it was meant to.

Fuel your body with highly assimilable nutrients that your body can use to function at higher levels. Buy 8 bottles and I will buy you 2 more free.  $349 for 10 bottles or $39.40 per bottle. 

You can always buy 2 get 1 free for $130, 3+1 free for  $169 or 5+1 free for $225. Since my specials are not on my website–call me at 727-798-8764 to order (9 am – 5 pm M-F eastern time).

And if you want more information about what Micronized Purple Rice has been doing in my body for 10 years and in the bodies of about 25,000 people who I have shared this amazing food with…go to

My Garden is Still Growing — Come see!

I just added a page to my website called Kare’s Garden which has all my gardening videos about my outdoor vegetable garden and my indoor medicinal gardens and mushroom gardens.  I will add to this periodically.

Kare’s Garden

The Holidays are nearly here!

I am so thankful for you … and that we are friends.  So please do not put off taking care of your body, mind, and spirit.  Make this the most sacred of holidays you have ever celebrated.

Raise your frequency and fill your body with the most powerful nutrients on the planet — iHeRQles and Micronized Purple Rice.

Raise your frequency and move your body — move your CHI — let the ancient sacred regenerative movement art form — Tai Chi Gung … reset your balance, reprogram your energy flows, regenerate your wellness, and reconnect you to the Divine.  I put up a new page on my website which contains all my home Tai Chi Gung Classes that you can do with me in my garden.  Click here for them all…

Tai Chi Gung

Know that I am here for you Dear One … and I am sending you many, many blessings for you and your family’s health and well-being.   727-798-8764










Kare Possick

Kare Possick

Visionary Artist, Author, &
Quantum Wellness Educator



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