Dear One —  This has been a purely magical year. My heart was broken open when Charles got his angel wings last December 23rd.

And he is still with me in my heart cheering me on … and helping me to enter the next phase of my life and growth by leading me to the Lama and a new spiritual awareness of my mission and teachings to come. 

This year has been purely magical. I have reinvented myself–no that’s not true–the Divine Mother/Father God has guided me to open the door of a new chapter in my life and I didn’t walk through … I ran.

I had been really struggling to take care of my beloved Charles 24-7 and he could not walk or stand, trying to keep 2 businesses afloat, and losing my ability to walk because of bone-on-bone in my hips (and no-way could I consider hip surgery even if I had wanted it–which I absolutely did not!). There was just no time for me.

Soon after his passing, I vowed to raise my frequency so I could communicate with Charles.  And that meant that I needed to take better care of my body, mind, and spirit in a powerfully pure and loving way.

I devoted my time to prayer and meditation,  I spent a lot of time in nature … enjoying and appreciating my beautiful gardens that Charles called “Paradise”. I began ridding my kitchen of everything that was not from nature’s garden and learning to grow much of my own food and recording what I was learning on video (click here for Kare’s Garden Story).  I lost 50 pounds by asking first “Is there light in this food?”– and then eating mainly from God’s Garden (click here to see before and after photos and for my whole weight-loss story).

I was led to begin doing Tai Chi Gung early in 2022, January. The first time I experienced that ancient, sacred regenerative movement that has been kept secret for 3,300 years … I cried.  It was gentle but oh so powerful and perfect.  It opened the energy channels in my body and moved chi (life force itself!) perfectly and progressively through my body,  awakening the physical glands and the ‘beyond-physical’ energy centers (the chakras) and then expanding my light, my energy, my focus, my excitement, and determination to begin every day by opening myself up to the wisdom and quickening provided by this sacred Tai Chi Gung movement. (click here for an introduction and invitation)

The daily lessons and powerful teaching I began receiving from Master Lama Rasaji (one of only 12 living Master Lamas on the planet) fed me spiritually and gave me ways to progress.  He showed me how to clarify my goals by doing the 3-column exercise, and to see my true divine self by doing the mirror meditations, I began using mala beads to quiet and then reprogram my thoughts from unconscious programs that others put in me … to choosing my own powerful and loving statements to form and empower my future.

I read his Circle of Life book cover-to-cover several times and read all the books on his reading list even if I had already read them.  I shut off television except for Gaia TV. No news is certainly good news.  And the best real news I get weekly is from the Latest from the 3,300 year old Lamasery whose mission is truth, simplicity, and love … and we sure need more of all of that!  (Get FREE access to everything I have talked about here. Click here and it will take you to then click on the 45-day challenge and gain access to huge amount on information, exercises, high-frequency music, and more!)

To say that I have grown this year is a gross under-statement.  I have transformed in body, mind, and spirit. My home has turned into an ashram where I have begun teaching classes in Tai Chi Gung in my garden and home, and I am looking forward to teaching Workshops here as well soon.

Teacher Training!

When the Lamasery announced a teacher training and adept class, I didn’t think twice about it … I jumped in and was one of the first to be accepted, trained, and then approved to teach Tai Chi Gung classes.  I am also teaching a few classes at the Gulfport Recreation Center (St. Petersburg Florida area). Click here for info on my classes –some of them are also online.

Quantum Nutrition — My Fuel for Transformation

Meanwhile–I could not have done all of this as quickly or as well without the quantum nutrition of my high-frequency wellness spray iHeRQles.  It has been my main nutritional gap rescue for over two years.  It has replaced every supplement for me and I haven’t felt or looked this good for many, many years.

Look at my photo above and then look at this photo.  I am reversing in age and issues — it is pretty obvious. This photo is from a little over a year ago!

My bloodwork is now perfect, my energy and focus are at an all-time high, I am in love with nature and my life, and I am filled with passion and purpose and the ability to pursue it!




I have focused much of my time and talents over the last two+ years on educating people about the benefits of this revolutionary scientific breakthrough product that delivers its quantum molecular plant nutrition (through an oral spray) directly into the bloodstream which then relaxes and opens up to receive it.  Then when the body receives this quantum nutrition it can raise its function to clean the blood, boost the immune system to recognize and destroy fast aging, damaged, and diseased cells, and then replace them with newly produced stem cells with very long telomeres which indicate long life.  This nutrition can enhance our body’s ability to get rid of the old and used up and replace it with vital and young cells!  What could be better?

The old college professor comes out in me as I teach my Sunday evening Zoom classes called  The Way to Wellness where I go into the science and history and what happens in the body when you add iHerQles to your diet. You can ask your questions live and hear others’ testimonials.  Here’s the zoom link for the 9 pm Sunday Class Eastern Time 6 pm Pacific time. 

More than 27,000 people are using it in my group now because I am so passionate about sharing iHerQles with everyone … because I truly believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to be educated about it.

I was also guided to share iHeRQles with Master Lama Rasaji who is receiving great benefits from using it and he too is now sharing it with his students and followers because of how it can assist us to open, clean, and heal our bodies and then actually reverse biological aging.

There are two new products that have just been recently added by Nu Xtrax!

One is iRevive which is revolutionary for the skin — it actually stimulates stem cell production for skin repair and regeneration!

The other new product is called IXLR8 — sound that out!  It is “I accelerate” and it accelerates metabolism and turns fat into fuel instead of turning food into fat with a revolutionary FAS technology.  I will give you more training on this later… but I hear that people who are needing to lose weight are losing about 20 pounds in 2 months by adding this to their daily routine!  (You will not lose weight if you do not need to.)

So when you first sign up your package will contain all three products.  Then you can order any of them separately or in packages.  For more information call me at 727-798-8764.

Kare’s iHeRQles Support Information:

1.* Sunday Night Training Zoom or Phone in. Please attend this! I go over the science, history, and how it works in the body.  People ask questions and give their testimonials! Invite your Friends and Family!  Every Sunday Evening 9 pm eastern time—6 pm pacific time. Go to Code: 836 4883 1733 Password: wellness Or here’s the direct ZOOM link:     GgrTotGdcaLQfJ_oslLYs_6vMk0zBP

Or if you just want to call in go to  301-715-8592  pin# 836 488 31733

2. Facebook Support Group—Join here click: for Kare’s Wellness Spray Community. Ask your questions, see the newest specials, see the Zoom classes here anytime.

3. Download my Free Book: The Only Way to Get Well!

4. Subscribe to my YouTube Channel: Kare’s High Frequency Wellness I have 40 or more videos about iHerQles and a few other important health topics.

5. Company Calls are Monday and Thursday Evenings 9 am eastern 6 pm pacific time. at 563-999-5272.  Listen to one before inviting anyone … they are more for the business builders.  My Sunday Zooms are best to invite new members who want to just hear about the product.


A Message from Charles


So you may be wondering if I did raise my frequency enough to communicate with my beloved Charles. Most definitely and here is a message from Charles to you:

“Listen to Kare. She is connected to Source and has only good and positive intentions and information for you.

I am by her side, smiling, and seeing the importance of focusing on raising your frequencies through your good thoughts, breathing, movement, and nutrition.

We are all One.  And we are cheering you on to your recognition and reverence for this Oneness.”

Charles Possick


My Mandala of the Week — Sacred Union!

It is only fitting that Sacred Union would be the Mandala that I pulled for this Kare Package! (Thank you, Charles.)

Sacred Union This Mandala resonates with the Heart Chakra, the color Green, the note F, nitrogen, and the qualities of compassion, self-acceptance, love, nurturing, relationships, purity, unity, and harmony.  This Mandala carries the frequencies of inner peace.

The Heart Chakra is the energy center that united the 3 lower (or earthly) centers with the 3 higher (or heavenly) centers  … and creates the celebration of sacred union … the sacred place of love and nurturing … and the beginning of a new generation of balance and healing.

The bridge of overlapping female/male triangles has come into a new position in this powerful Mandala.  The ignited feminine triangle is now on top and points upward to a double bioenergetic symbol of angelic protection, while the male triangle has taken on the jewel tones and has settled into perfectly balanced support for its counterpart. This loving balance of energies sparks the flower of life to bloom from this truly sacred union.

Allow these newly evolved frequencies to bring compassion, self-acceptance, unity, and peace to you and all you touch.  So be it.

To see more of my Mandalas and their messages click here.

We are in a Sacred Season!

I am so thankful for you … and that we are friends.  So please do not put off taking care of your body, mind, and spirit.  Make this the most sacred of holidays you have ever celebrated.

Stay positive — fill your mind with beauty and love, fuel your body with foods from God’s pharmacy, breathe, move, make your work your play, and honor and take care of your sacred relationships.

Know that I am here for you Dear One … and I am sending you many, many blessings for you and your family’s health and well-being.





Kare Possick

Kare Possick

Visionary Artist, Author, &
Quantum Wellness Educator



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