Dear One –

This is my second new Blog and I am just learning how to type it in here and do it myself — a little daunting if I do say so — but so far so good!

So this is my Birthday Week.  And my birthday falls on Friday the 13th!  That has always been a lucky day for me since I was born on Friday the 13th … 74 years ago.

At 74 I feel like I am getting younger and healthier every day … and I realize that that is not the norm! But it is duplicatable! 

I have spent my whole life in search of healing … how to heal myself and others.

The search started when I was 20 years old and I was teaching junior high school, coaching gymnastics, directing the school play, advising the yearbook, working on my master’s degree, and basically living on fudge bars. I developed migraine headaches and heart palpitations — and realized I definitely could not teach school on the valium and digitalis that I was prescribed.  When I told the doctor that I could not take the drugs, he said glibly — fine, he could give me a pacemaker!!!

I doubt that I would have ever made it to 74 if I had let that doctor talk me into a pacemaker at age 20!

I knew I had to become my own doctor since neither drugs nor surgery was acceptable to me.  That was a wake-up call and a God Message to set me on my life path.

So all that I will share with you here in this Kare Package are things that have helped me get younger and healthier — and that are helping thousands of others with whom I have shared these teachings, practices, and products.  I hope you find this helpful and even inspiring — it is offered with love.

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Can We Really Reverse in Age?  How is This Possible?

I believe the most mind-boggling and revolutionary health technology I have ever seen in my 50+ years in Natural Healing and Energy Medicine is found in iHeRQles High Frequency Wellness Spray … and in HOW it can reverse Biological Age and Issues!

It took me quite a while to understand how spraying 44 plants in their quantum molecular form under your tongue could do that. Here is my understanding.

I explain it in this video below…and under the video in writing.

(This video is my favorite video to share with others to introduce them to this amazing product. Make sure if you share this link that you give people your email address and your phone number so they can contact YOU!  Here is the link for you to copy and paste: )

You know that this spray enters your bloodstream.  And then your circulation and micro-circulation open up to receive it because it is real food and purer and more powerful than anything you have ever put into your body!  Then it nourishes your cells so they can release inflammation and raise up the low-frequency toxins in the blood to be cleaned out.

But — it also nourishes our bodies to boost our Immune System back up to health — so it can locate and destroy the Fastest Aging Cells and the Damaged and Diseased Cells!  And then, instead of just replacing them with duplicate copies of our damaged cells (with even shorter telomeres) our own STEM CELLS which are like special Baby Cells that can become any kind of cells we need, rush in to replace those old aging cells!!!

So — Out with the old aging cells and in with the brand new cells!

This is reversing our Biological Age and Issues — like absolutely nothing else can do!

And it has been documented in 1,500 cases to actually reverse Biological Age by up to 20 or more years!  This is a Revolutionary Breakthrough!  Click here for more information.

Is There a Special Diet We Should Be Eating?

People are always asking me this question.  And there are so many different ideas about what we should and should not eat.

So this is what I say.  No.  But we should be trying to get the highest and best quality nutrients into our bodies and avoiding the empty calories and the toxic stuff.

How do we do that?

Eat the food that God grows for us.  Fill up on Fruit, Vegetables, Seeds, and Nuts.  Eat as much organic and raw or lightly steamed as possible.  And if you are eating fish and/or meats — get as much wild-caught or free-range as possible.

I personally believe that sugar (and artificial substitutes) are poison … and that dairy was never meant for anyone besides baby calves to drink in their first few months of life to put on weight fast. (Dairy cows are also absolutely the worst treated and most inflamed animals on the planet.) And nearly all our grains are now GMO and can cause us health issues!

I like to ask myself — “Am I eating for taste or emotions — or am I eating for nutrients and health?”

So when I look at what to eat for health I like to ask myself — is there light in this food?  Light is the “animating lifeforce” in food.  Fruits and vegetables are grown with ight and still containThe majority of the food eaten today has no light in it at all — so how could it possibly promote life or health?

CHI or energy is the animating lifeforce in us and in our real food.

Do you take a moment to Bless your food before you eat it?

Your INTENTION is the most powerful waveform …  When you take a moment to BLESS your food with your good thoughts and your energy — something very powerful happens.

“Bless my food  that it may nourish my body with only the highest and the best of what I need!”

So if your food is whole and good — it will amplify everything.  And if it is not whole and good — it will reduce the effect of what is not good.

If you want to learn more about CHI or lifeforce — Click here to receive my FREE CLASS called “Playing with CHI” where I will teach you how to feel energy or CHI, Play with CHI, and Heal with CHI.  You can watch my classes anytime at your leisure! 

Get my FREE BOOK here: “The Only Way to Get Well!”

When I heard Mr. C, who is the head of the Science Team that created iHeRQles, say: “You can’t get well if your blood is dirty!  And you can’t get well if your circulation and micro-circulation is blocked up!  There is only one way to get well!”  iHeRQles is the only way to get well.

That took me aback for a moment.  But when I thought about it … nothing else causes the circulations and micro-circulation to open and the blood to be cleaned by nourishing the body back to health except iHeRQles.  Thus the title and the story.


Another Most Assimilable Favorite Food of Mine! 

A food that I found 9 years ago that is a perfect concentrated fuel …
is a powder that you mix with water that can enter through our cell membranes
and fuel the Mitochondria (our Cellular Batteries) with pure light.

Here is a Mitochondria that has been fueled with real food!
It produces ATP Energy which is actually pure light! When someone is healthy and glowing — it is that mitochondrial light shining through their skin!

Originally called the Forbidden Food — it was only allowed to be given to the Emporers and their families in China since it was so sacred and powerful.  The leading rice researcher in Thailand had been searching ancient records for years to track down this ancient Super Food. And he found it and it has been considered the National Treasure in Thailand ever since.

Micronized Purple Rice is now grown in only one place on Earth — in Northern Thailand — where it is planted by hand, picked by the phases of the moon, and the nutrients are gently removed and milled to the size of a micron!  It takes nearly 100 pounds of this rare purple rice to get only one pound of nutrients … and it is only the micronized nutrients that are in this powerful product.

What nutrients?  PolySaccharide sugars (the pure fuel for the mitochondria) PolyPeptides (including every amino acid in perfect balance), and AnthoCyannins (the highest frequency purple antioxidants).

And because they are so very tiny (the size of a micron) when they are mixed with water and drunk, they are absorbed right through the cell membranes of the mouth, throat, and esophagus.  Almost nothing even makes it to the stomach because it is assimilated so quickly that it does not have to go through the whole digestive process.

Mix between a teaspoon and a tablespoon of the powder with an ounce or two of water and drink it in the morning to fuel your day.  Drink it before bedtime because your body heals when you are sleeping so you will sleep sounder and deeper and get into that healing place.  Drink it anytime your body needs more quick and highly assimilatable food.

I have more than 25,000 people eating this pure assimilable food and swearing by it.

To see what people are saying about their experiences with it click here.

My Newest Mandala — “Shaktipat”

This is my newest Mandala called “Shaktipat” which means a burst of profound CHI that can raise your frequency.

Shaktipat  Shaktipat  Shaktipat
free unfettered CHI
that can flow through
unblocked channels
as blessings for those
who are ready and willing
to heal and be loved
and then BE LOVE.

Mandalas are called “architecture for enlightenment” and “bridges into the metaphysical realm.” Mandalas are energy retention devices which make patterns of force visible. For Carl Jung, the mandala was his favorite psychological tool. Joseph Campbell says that mandalas are tools for personal meditation, healing and self realization. And Dr. Joan Borysenko says: “Mandalas can collapse time and space and bring us to the the very heart of healing.”

I have been creating mandalas most of my life as personal meditation and healing tools. I was just storing them under my bed — until a life changing message was delivered to me from Kuthumi … that 12 of my mandalas “were being called into service to be used as portals for change.”

That was the beginning of a grand adventure with them.  Read more about my Mandalas and view my Gallery –click here.

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Kare Possick

Kare Possick

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  1. Jenna Nicolette

    I recieved this and read every word and you are getting younger in every way! Living your best life at the best time of your life!

  2. Audrey Fonseca

    Wow Kare, what a fabulous blog! I don’t know how you would improve on it. Just goes to show us, one is never to “young” to move forward and share their Light for the sake of others. Blessings to you and all you love! I pray that we will be able to meet in person one day. ❤

    • Kare Possick

      Audrey–How kind. Thank you Sister. I look forward to meeitng you as well, Blessings, Kare

  3. Dennis N Darger

    Does iherqles have a shelf life and what is it’s shelf life.

    • Kare Possick

      The shelf life on the package says 3 years because that is all labeling law allows, however the Science Team says it is about 22 years!

  4. Teresa Range-Eca

    Hi Kare
    I love this newsletter wow you have been through so much with your health /and it’s amazing how u are helping others with the knowledge you have about natural healing .
    Thank you for all u do for all of us

    • Kare Possick

      Thank You Teresa! I so appreciate you and your support!. Blessings, Kare

  5. Lisa

    Hi, Kare. Enjoying your birthday package of info and tales. Gotta tell you that, in addition to godaddy website builder the other thing we have in common is being born on Friday the thirteenth! How do you like that?
    Also, I got my product today and am very excited.

    • Kare Possick

      Lisa — Thank You so much Lisa. Another Friday the 13th baby! How Lucky. So glad we are now connected. Blessings, Kare

  6. Stella Callentine

    I was also born on Friday the 13th (in February a few years before you). I also recently joined your downline for iHeRQles and am learning lots of things. Thank you for making all the informative videos.


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