Dear One –The simplest, least expensive, most neglected thing you can do for your health is …..

What was the first thing that came to your mind?

I counsel people daily about their health and the one thing that is most responsible for people’s lack of energy, brain fog, poor digestion, poor breathing, aches and pains, etc, etc, etc … is … dehydration!

How much water are you drinking?  really???

Your brain is nearly 80% water!  What do you think happens to your ability to reason and think when your brain is dehydrated?  What about your mood?

Your lungs are 75% water!  What happens to your breathing when your lungs are dehydrated?

Your blood is 92% water!!!  Your blood carries oxygen and nutrients to every cell in your body and carries away wastes … what happens when there is not enough water flowing in your blood stream?

Your heart is 79% water.  Can it beat properly when you are dehydrated?  Can it pump properly so that all your cells get oxygen and nutrients and carry waste away?  NO!!!

Your liver is 85% water.  We live in toxic soup already — that filter is full of wastes already.  How can it continue to filter if you are not hydrating it?

Your kidneys are 83% water. Are you getting the picture?

How can you expect your body to function properly if you are not drinking enough water?

Weight cannot be controlled if you are not hydrated.  Digestion cannot be complete if you are dehydrated. Your muscles cannot function properly.  Your skin will begin to wrinkle.  Your body cannot detoxify.  You will hurt. You will loose your zest for life.  You will become ill and die.

Am I exaggerating?


So how much water do you need to be drinking to be properly hydrated for health?

Men–15.5 cups or nearly a gallon a day.

Women–11.5 cups or 3/4 gallon a day.

Yes people come in varied sizes so more accurately …
drink half your body weight in ounces of water per day — AT LEAST!

First thing in the morning when you arise — drink a big glass of water to get everything re-hydrated.  Drink all day long.  Drink a big glass of water 30 minutes before a meal to prepare your digestion.  Don’t drink during a meal so your digestive enzymes can work efficiently.  Drinking during a meal dilutes the digestion.  Ice water stops the whole process!  Drink a glass every 2 hours.

(And if you have an alkaline water machine — DO NOT drink alkaline water with food or with supplements or meds — remember you need stomach acids to digest — so if you alkalinize you do not digest!  I can’t tell you how many people’s stomach problems come drinking alkaline water with meals and meds!!! )

You will be amazed at how much better you will feel!

I was feeling so passionately about this the other day that I made this video!


Quantum Nutrition at the Cellular Level …
Like Never Before!!!

Oh my gosh — wait till you hear this! 

Did you know that there are tissues in the body that have no blood flow?

Well there are …   like hair, nails, tooth enamel, bone, the outer skin layers, and even blood cells!

I want you to look at the photos below of this horses hoof.  Horses hooves have no blood flow.  And when they get a crack in them – like the obvious crack in this hoof on a multi-million dollar race horse —

they have to put the horse down!

They have never been able to fix this!  Until now.  Look at the second photo.

The second photo was the same horse’s hoof after the horse was on iHeRQles for less than two weeks!!!


How can this be?    Quantum Nutrition!    This saved this race horses life — it could save yours!

Every kind of nutritional supplementation that we have been using for all these years has been BioChemistry Nutrition.

iHeRQles is something way beyond biochemistry nutrition —  it is Quantum Nutrition!

So quantum particles can act like a particle or they can act like a wave … so they can penetrate anywhere.

Meaning this nutrition is available to every type of tissue in our body — even those where bloodflow is blocked or not even available.

Proof — this is evident in this horses hoof being healed even where the blood does not flow!

Do you understand the implications of this?

One of my Ah-ha moments with this new information is just understanding at a deeper level what I have been saying all along.
And that is that if you are using iHeRQles 3 times a day which is keeping these quantum molecules in your bloodstream all day long — by the end of 4 months which is a complete blood cycle — every new red blood cell that was formed in the presence of these high frequency molecules has taken on the frequency, the information from nature, and the quantum nutrition the likes of which you have never had in your body before!

That is a complete upgrade in your blood in 4 months time!

But look what Quantum Nutrition did in 6 weeks in a human body!

Can you imagine what it is doing in your body — and what it can do in your family and friends?

Are you sharing this with everyone you know?

If not — why not?  Everyone needs this. EVERYONE!

Please let me help you.  First–please get educated.  The best way is to come to my Sunday evening classes where I explain the science and history and how this works in your body.  People can ask questions and tell their stories.  It is always good and it is always different.  Here is the link to use every week:  Go to Code: 836 4883 1733 Password: wellness Or here’s the direct ZOOM link:     GgrTotGdcaLQfJ_oslLYs_6vMk0zBP Or if you just want to call in go to 301-715-8592  pin# 836 488 31733

Watch this video and then … Send this video to everyone you know : 
***When you email or text this to friends–make sure to add a note about who you are and why you want them to watch it…then add to please call you when they have and give them your phone number!

And if you need help : Call me at 727-262-0880.  I will do 3-way calls with you and then sign those people up under you and teach you how to do it!

This is an opportunity of a lifetime to help others … and receive huge financial rewards for caring and sharing.

Speaking of Money and Wealth Preservation…
Are you seeing what’s happening economically right now?

Want to understand why Precious Metals are so very important … please click on the link below
to learn what to do to keep your money and resources safe!

Get your free book on how to protect your wealth.


Don’t Miss … Stepping Into The Light … March 24th

Register now for this amazing FREE online event happening Friday March 24th at 11 CST!

Hear Live High Frequency Music with Master David Paul, receive direct training fro Master Lama Rasaji, feel the CHI energy with live Tai Chi Gung exercises, discover why the Spring Equinox is so powerful.

I will even be interviewed on this broadcast about my Mandalas!







Kare’s Micronized Purple Rice Special

It was Micronized Purple Rice that extended Charles life for 9 years after he was sent home to get his affairs in order.  And he loved creating amazing specials and then talking the company into allowing us to offer those great priced packages for a short time!

So in honor of Charles upcoming birthday in Heaven I have asked the company to allow me to offer this special in his honor.

So Here it is:
Buy 12 bottles for $475 (normally $800) and I will personally buy 3 more bottles for you!
So that’s 15 bottles = $31.66 per bottle!!!!

I can only offer this special once or twice a year and then never know if I will be able to do it again…so stock up now! Yes,you can still buy 2 and get 1 more free for $130, buy 3 and get one more free for $169, buy 5 and get one more free for $239, and buy 8 and get 2 more free for $349. But these are NOT on the website so call me at 727-798-8764.

For more info go

My Mandala of the Week — Earthstar

I want to share my newest Mandala with you–before it has been totally finished or properly photographed because I am very excited about it.

I had an Akashic Record reading a few weeks ago where Kuthumi was talking about this new blue mandala that would open the 8th chakra!  Well, here it is!

The 8th chakra is found above the head and below the feet (it is really big and only open when all the others are open and CHI is flowing).  And it is Magenta!  You can see the magenta frequencies shining through this big blue mandala whose name came through as Earthstar.  I love the name.

This mandala contains sacred geometry, color frequencies, and also seven different BioSignatures which are shapes that align your frequencies  in certain powerful ways.  The seven BioSignatures are for Angelic Protection (there are 6 of these around the edges between the flower of life petals … and the other 6 on the petals are holding alignment for Divinity, Feminine Power, Heart-Brain Balance, Endocrine Empowerment, Immunity, and Energy Flow.

(Most people have never heard of BioGeometry or BioSignatures.  I studied for years with Dr. Ibrahim Karim from Egypt who has created the new scientific paradigm of subtle energy called the Physics of Quality.  He has several books on Amazon and his website is  )

Mandalas are called “architecture for enlightenment” and “bridges into the metaphysical realm.” Mandalas are energy retention devices which make patterns of force visible. For Carl Jung, the mandala was his favorite psychological tool. Joseph Campbell says that mandalas are tools for personal meditation, healing and self realization. And Dr. Joan Borysenko says: “Mandalas can collapse time and space and bring us to the the very heart of healing.”

Several of my Mandalas are now on T-Shirts in the Circle of Life Store … so are my Mandala Card sets!  Click here to see or purchase my Mandalas in the store.




So stay positive Dear One — fill your mind with beauty and love, fuel your body with foods from God’s pharmacy, drink enough water!, breathe, move, make your work your play, and honor and take care of your holy temple and your sacred relationships.

Know that I am here for you … and I am sending you many, many blessings for you and your family’s health and well-being.





Kare Possick

Kare Possick

Visionary Artist, Author, &
Quantum Wellness Educator



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