Dear One — I am absolutely inspired and excited to share this Quantum Wellness Breakthrough message with you! I created a short video so you can hear it from me directly.

I put it in a video so you can actually see what I am talking about.

This is the my most exciting message from my 50+ years in natural healing and energy medicine!

This is THE Quantum Breakthrough of the Century!

I think this video tells the iHeRQles story quicker than any other I have created–so watch it and use it to share with others!

Turn Your Home into an Energy Sanctuary
(15-day free trial…no credit card required)

Want to try a quick free way to raise the positive energy around you and everyone and everything in your home?

When people enter my home they often say they feel better, their thoughts clear, they feel uplifted.

One of the reasons is because I have a quantum energy service that creates a sanctuary of positive energy/ frequency in and around my home!  Really.

I’ve been in energy medicine for 50 years—this is no scam—it really works and I have used it for 4 years now.  Everyone needs this – especially now.

And you can have it for free for 15 days to see what I mean.  No credit card required.  You will be surprised at how much better you will feel and the effect it will have on you family, pets, plants, food etc.

      Click on

After that it is only $35 a month to have this sanctuary frequency in your home …
raising the frequency of everything and everyone in it including your food. 

          It will even protect you from emf’s and 5G!

And you can also have the service on your phone
so that bubble of positive frequencies goes with you wherever you go!

I had only had it as a home sanctuary in the past 4 years, but we recently went on a family vacation to St. Augustine so I had the service put on my phone.

A 6-hour car trip with 3 adults and 2 babies—a 2-year-old and a 3 ½-year-old could have been awful!

But the babies never even whined or screamed or cried!  They played.  They giggled.  They munched on healthy snacks.  It was amazing.

Are you ready for a little sanctuary around you and yours?

Click here now and get it turned on around you.

Then please let me know what you think.  You will love it!

This Has Changed My Life–and Theirs Too!
Tai Chi Gung Testimonials

This is transformational! It gave me energy, focus, purpose and the ability to walk again!

What did?  Tai Chi Gung.

Come to my classes and see for yourself. In person or online… The first class is free.

Hear what a few of my my students are saying:


This ancient, sacred regenerative movement that anyone can do … is the most complete 3,300 year old system of transformation (that yoga, tai chi, and chi gung are just pieces from).

Tai Chi Gung grounds you, opens up all the meridians so chi (energy) can flow, and then connects you to the Divine (source, god, goddess, buddha, divine mother, the field, christ consciousness or what ever you call it).

If you are in the Tampa/ St. Petersburg area come to my live classes: Private Classes are also available: Call 727-262-0880

Monday night class – 6:30 pm – Gulfport Recreation Center 5730 Shore Blvd. S, Gulfport FL

Wednesday morning class – 9:30 am – 9967 Kare’s Garden 57th Ave. N. St Petersburg FL

Friday morning class – 10 am – Gulfport Recreation Center 5730 Shore Blvd. S, Gulfport FL

Classes are $50 for the month or $15 per class.

If you are not in this area go to my website: and click on the Tai Chi Gung link for my online classes.

For more information go to

I believe that my whole life has been preparing me to teach this complete transformational system … please check it out.

I am one of the first teachers to be certified by the Lamasery to teach this ancient, sacred system and I would be honored to share it with you!

Micronized Purple Rice Special — 
The Superfood I have Eaten and Shared for 11 Years

I know many of you have been waiting for this sweet little special for Purple Rice and it is available now through April 30th.

Buy 5 bottles of Micronized Purple Rice for only $199!


But you need to call  727-308-8300 to order as this is not on the website.  This is my Office Manager Ashley’s new number to call m-f  9-5 pm eastern time.  (You can always buy 3 for $130, 4 for $169, 6 for $239 and 10 for $349)

It is only pure food that makes us healthy and keeps us healthy.

Micronized Purple Rice is the purest, most assimilable food for your children, your parents, and yourself!

Please put your focus on loving and caring for yourself and your family.

Bring yourself back to wholeness by staying positive and by feeding yourself the foods that will light up your cells so that everything can function at higher lighter levels.

It’s hard to be positive when you are in poor health.

It’s hard to help others when you hurt or have no energy.

It’s time to take care of YOU – so you can add your light and your wholeness to the planet. You are so needed now.

Let me help you stock up on the food that can deliver light and life to your cells. This is only $39 per bottle instead of $65!

Please put your focus on loving and caring for yourself and your family.

Bring yourself back to wholeness by staying positive and by feeding yourself the foods that will light up your cells so that everything can function at higher lighter levels.

It’s hard to be positive when you are in poor health.

It’s hard to help others when you hurt or have no energy.

It’s time to take care of YOU – so you can add your light and your wholeness to the planet. You are so needed now.

Let me help you stock up on the food that can deliver light and life to your cells.

If you are hearing about Micronized Purple Rice for the first time
here is information on what it is and what people are saying:

Micronized Purple Rice is unique 2000 year old heirloom strain of purple rice grown in Northern Thailand in a pristine valley that has never seen chemicals or pesticides or GMO’s.

Only the nutrients are removed which include polysaccharides that your cells need for energy, polypeptides (including every amino acid!) that your cells need to create healthier new cells—and tons of anthocyanin antioxidants which repair damage.

These nutrients are then milled down to the size of a micron—it takes nearly 100 pounds of rice to get 1 pound of nutrients –and there are only nutrients in this amazing product!

It is so highly charged and assimilable, it does not even have to be digested—it is the perfect food and it goes right to the heart of each cell (the mitochondria) which then produces ATP light energy so the body can heal itself.

In the 50+ years that I have been involved in natural healing and energy medicine—This is a product I recommend to everyone!

My Life Since Purple Rice
I am so grateful for this amazing food.
Ever since it saved my husband Charles’ life 11 years ago I have been educating people about its benefits.

I now have more than 25,000+ people eating it and restoring their health.

This does work for everyone and it begins on day 1…but your body uses where it needs it most first. So you may not feel where that is because it starts in the cells to recharge, repair, and regenerate them.

And although it reversed Charles’ liver and kidney failure right away and it was noticeable in his skin tone and he began peeing and feeling better, I didn’t notice much of anything for months—but when I had a blood test I saw where it was working!

I feel educating people about this concentrated heirloom food is one of the most important thing I can do. I have helped more people regain their health than with everything else I have done in my career.

Please eat it consistently—any amount is better than none. More is better. Drink a lot of water to help clean out the metabolic wastes and toxins that your cells can release with this new energy.

Here are a few comments from our Facebook support group, Kare’s Purple Rice Eaters:

“I was hospitalized several times from dehydration from acid reflux … but not since I started eating micronized purple rice. I have no acid reflux at all anymore!” –Dottie K.

“I’m more than 8 years cancer free. Been on Purple Rice over a year. I’m off meds and ALL so much better feel so much better! My doctors are amazed at how well I am doing! I believe PR is working continuously behind the scenes in my mature body, repairing what it needs to. –Rebecca D.

“This such an amazing product! My body pain level went from 98% now 10% occasional pain. I had severe muscle pain in my entire body. My muscles have strengthened in my neck, arms and legs that I can do things that has been difficult for me like bending, kneeling, walking. You just need to take it consistently and give your body a chance to benefit from it. It takes 90 days for your blood cells to regenerate new cells. You just need to be patient and try it for a while.” — Priscilla R.

“I have been on it for five months now. Have not had any big changes, but I believe that I am slowly seeing changes in my sleep, energy, and overall health.” — Gloria B.

“I just had the best blood work report ever! My cholesterol level is under 200 for the first time in 20 or more years! My triglycerides are at 102, down from over 365 a year ago! My doctor was thrilled and told me to keep doing whatever I’ve been doing! Thanks, MPR, and thanks, Kare! Other than beginning my MPR, I haven’t changed a thing! So, it has to be this amazing product.” — Mary Jane R.

“I would surely rather pay for a natural product that works… than for nasty drugs.” — Ursula W.

“My feet especially my heels are feeling softer! I have also noticed smoother skin and smaller pores. The term radiant is so true….health inside radiates outside and it shows. My are eyes bluer and my teeth getting whiter. Everything is just more er…lol… neck tightening too! I am so happy! — Peggy N.

“I noticed the same thing on my feet, brighter teeth as well! — Sherrie G.

“OK everyone be honest now….how many of you reached down and checked out your feet & heels…lol….I did and they are :)” Deb B.

“I broke my left wrist. Since I’m in my late 60’s I was told they wouldn’t look at it for 3 months. Four weeks later I think my cat saw the white lining sticking out as I slept and pulled out a foot and a half of it. The cast had to be cut off so they x-rayed it. It was all healed! They were shocked! The morning after I broke it I had read about another woman my age having good luck after just starting to take the purple rice. Friends had been telling me about the purple rice, That’s why I read the other woman’s experience. I ordered it and started taking it immediately. The unexpected plus was my blood pressure came down and my doctor no longer pestered me about taking blood pressure meds. — Ryn L.

“This is something I forgot to mention! I am not and have never been a good sleeper-and those of you who are older know quality of sleep becomes elusive. Well, I must have Purple Rice Powder before bed if I am to sleep deeply! — Maria H.

“Purple rice helped my eyesight! And one cataract is gone plus, many other ailments! Love love love purple rice and Kare! — Rebecca M.

“My bone density has improved! I’m off Boniva.” — Berlene V.

“For years I was going downhill in my health. Now I feel wonderful since I added Micronized Purple Rice to my diet! It fuels my cells so that they can do what they were meant to do.” –Cynthia R.

“My gums don’t bleed, My hair is thicker. My digestion is better. My aches and pains are nearly gone. My bloodwork is perfect. and my blood pressure is fine now! I am calmer and happier. I really feel like I am anti-aging!” – Karen S.

“I have arthritis in both hands – it has helped tremendously — no more pain! I used to get terrible leg cramps at night when I stretched my legs – they have disappeared, too. I am confident it will continue to help the rest of my issues.” – Clair B.

“The purple rice seemed to heal my brain from severe panic attacks which I had for 30 years from brain trauma when hit by a car walking across a street. My crippling grief was reversed after only a few months on MPR. The rice is truly a miracle for me.” –Teresa S

So you can see why I am still sharing this!  If you have never added this pristine food to your diet—Call me at 727-798-8764 and I can help you get started.


Are you seeing what’s happening economically right now?

Want to understand why Precious Metals are so very important … please click on the link below
to learn what to do to keep your money and resources safe!

Get your free book on how to protect your wealth.

Your Mandala Reading:  Peaceful Communications!

This Mandala Resonates with the throat chakra, the color blue, the note G, oxygen, and the qualities of calming coolling, peace, detoxification, truth, emotional release and effective communication.

Floating in the calm blue waters of this mandala grows a perfect lotus of peace. The throat center governs our audible expression – – expression that can cause great pain or great healing to others.  Feel the holy waters of communication become calm, clear, and empowered as you resonate with the frequencies of this great peaceful Mandala. Allow this lotus flower to reach its long roots deep into your darkness to support a slender stock which opens to reveal the flower of your powerful peaceful words, the fragrance of your truth, and the joy of your melodic notes.

As you resonate with this sacred geometry may you truly be a channel for truth and peace. So be it!

For my mandala story video and mandala gallery click here now. 

Kare Possick

Kare Possick

Visionary Artist, Author, &
Quantum Wellness Educator



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