Dear One —  I cried when I watched the video of Peggy’s little dog Coco taking her first steps after being paralyzed for a full year…dragging her whole body around.  The vet had even suggested putting her down! ☹

After Peggy’s daughter watched my video about the horse that was not put down because of iHeRQles—she decided to try it on Coco.

And thank God she did!  Watch this short video and see Coco walk for the first time, too, and hear Peggy and her daughter tell their story!

iHeRQles is truly the most important product you, your family, and your pets can be putting in your bodies!

In my 50+ years in natural healing and energy medicine—I have never seen these kinds of results. With any other product.

This is 100% plant molecules, real quantum food that goes directly into the bloodstream to open circulation, and nourish the body back to health.

It is a Quantum Breakthrough and nothing can compare to it!

For more info go to or call me at 727-798-8764 or schedule a call with me at


I have also just updated my free e-book and would love to have you read it.

Click here to download my e-book — The Only Way to get Well!

My Ginger Turmeric Morning Elixir

I make this tea almost every morning and my body absolutely craves it!

So I though I would show you how to make it.

If you saw my Sunday Night Zoom with Dr. Brazos Minshew—he was saying that that was what he drinks every morning, too, and how powerful and beneficial it is!

Let me show you how I make it in my short video.  Ingredients are listed below.


Ingredients are:   a thumb size ginger root grated, a thumb size turmeric root grated — Let steep in hot water for at least 5 minutes and then strain and add honey to taste (I use Manuka Honey fro New Zealand! It is exceptionally powerful), and a little pepper to activate the turmeric, and a dash of milk (I usually use oat milk but any milk or preferably plant based milk is fine).

Your Mandala Reading:  Intention Amplifier

Like a lens in a camera, this Mandala titled “Blessing in Light” allows you to focus the light of your pure intention and amplify it 16 times!

Carrying the red, orange, and yellow of the 3 base chakras, this Sacred Seal provides the 3-part foundational energies for grounding, creation, and action. The swirling biogeometric designs both mirror and amplify the flow of creative light force.  Allow yourself to focus your attention and your pure intention through the black center of this Mandala.  Resonate with your desired outcome to see, feel, hear, taste, smell  … and experience the feeling of your desired perfect future with the present … complete and whole and joyous!  So be it!

For my mandala story video and mandala gallery click here now.   


My Mandala cards and t-shirts are now available in the Circle of Life Store.  Click here to order my cards, t-shirts or more…

Mercury is Retrograde between April 21-May 14th!

I’m sure you’ve heard of Mercury being retrograde and everyone says “Oh No, Mercury is going retrograde!”

But what does that even mean?

In the sky, the planet Mercury looks like it is going backwards, but it’s influence can be dramatic.

Here’s a good Chart showing what to do and what not to do during Mercury Retrograde! :


So stay positive Dear One — fill your mind with beauty and love, fuel your body with foods from God’s pharmacy, drink enough water!, breathe, move, make your work your play, and honor and take care of your holy temple and your sacred relationships.

Know that I am here for you … and I am sending you many, many blessings for you and your family.  

Kare Possick

Kare Possick

Visionary Artist, Author, &
Quantum Wellness Educator



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