Dear One –

I am thinking more and more about health these days. Aren’t you?

We are in such critical times on so many, many levels.  Our health, nearly everywhere you look on the planet, is declining very fast. We must turn this around if we are to survive and thrive.

Who do you actually know who is in glowing, radiant happy health?  Who do you know who is ill or tired or depressed?

At 74 I don’t know when I have ever been healthier!

It has been a long circuitous pathway getting to this point. So as a passionate teacher, I feel the need to share what I have learned with you … so you may cut some time off your journey … and hopefully, feel better and better faster and faster!

Detox and Nutrition

We are bombarded with toxic substances every minute of every day now.  We are breathing it in our air from outgassing of products in our homes, the products we put on our hair and face and skin, and the chemicals in the products we wash our dishes and our clothes in!  There are thousands of chemicals allowed in our products that have never been tested to see what they do to us!

(I wrote a tiny little book back in 1991 called “Why Are You Poisoning Your Family?” just about the personal and household products that we thought were safe for us … but are not!  Click here to read it.  It sold a million copies the first year and it was self-published!)

We drink toxins daily in our water.  No matter how good your bottled water is or how expensive the filters are in our homes — the water we are drinking is not even close to the spring waters that should be flowing from the ground filled with minerals and energy!

And our food!  OMG that is a horror story.  Our processed foods are lifeless and filled with substances that our bodies were never meant to deal with.  Our Fruits and Vegetables have been sprayed and chemicalized and genetically modified and grown in soils that are so depleted and mistreated that not much nutrition is available from them at all. Our animal food comes from malnourished, chemicalized, and tortured animals that fill us full of more toxins and horrible fear hormones.

And instead of eating foods to nourish our bodies in this critical time … we are eating for taste and consuming foods that do not help us clean out the toxins … instead they continue to add to the blockages in our circulation and our organs and cause us inflammation and aging and illness.

We Cannot get better when our blood is dirty and our circulation and micro-circulation are blocked up!  We can only get worse.

This has to be changed — while all the time we are being brainwashed by billions of dollars of advertising media bombarding us every single day with brilliant advertising encouraging us to eat poison for pleasure and believe we are eating well.  All because of greed rather than caring.

This has to change!

This is why I encourage people to eat cleanly and simply from the cornucopia of real food that comes directly from Mother Nature that was grown with soil, minerals, and sunshine … and not mixed up by men to make money.

This is also why I share iHeRQles High Frequency Wellness Spray.

I believe that iHeRQles is the only product that can nourish our body so that the circulation and micro-circulation welcome it, relax, and open up, removing inflammation (the cause of aging and issues), cleaning the toxins from the blood, boosting the immune system and our own stem cells, and actually reversing biological age and issues by up to 20 or more years!

It is critically important that we detox these toxins and nourish or bodies with the highest quality nutrients available.

And that is just what iHeRQles does!  There is nothing out there that nourishes at such a high-frequency level that the body can clean and clear out the blood and then regenerate at a high level.  I have more than 22,000 people using iHeRQles now and I am seeing reversals in everything and on all levels!  I don’t think there is anything our marvelous bodies can’t heal if it is given the proper nutrition!

And just look at what can happen when the cells are nourished at the quantum level so that circulation and micro-circulation are opened and cleaned, inflammation begins flowing away, the immune system comes back online, stem cells are reactivated, and the biological age and issues are reversed by up to 30 or more years!

Seriously!  Six weeks and not only does his body look regenerated, more balanced, and even younger … he went from being winded walking up just one flight of stairs to nearly running up 6 flights and still breathing fine!

After several years of visiting skin doctors with no real visible improvements … look at her skin now after 7 months on iHeRQles!

Three months and her hands are also looking softer and younger!

Ideally, for the best and fastest results, do 4 sprays of iHeRQles under your tongue morning, afternoon, and evening … to keep it in your bloodstream all day long. In the first 4 months of doing four sprays 3 times a day, every blood red blood cell in your body will have died and a new one formed!  Then every new blood cell being formed in the presence of these high -frequency molecules will take on the frequency, the information from nature, and the quantum nutrients the likes of which your body has never known before. So in four months, spraying 3 times a day, your bloodstream will have been upgraded!  That means an upgrade in your Life Force!!!

When you buy the 9 bottles 2X package ($598 plus shipping)–that is enough to do it 3 times a day for 3 months.  Then starting in the second month, you will receive one bottle a month so that by the 4th month you will have all 12 bottles for the full blood upgrade. The one bottle a month also makes you eligible to receive commissions if you share it with friends and they order on your website. (You can always buy the packages to save money.)

When you buy the 4 bottle 1X Package for $299 you receive 4 bottles upfront and a bottle a month. So that is enough to do it almost 3 times a day for 2 months and then most people will buy another  $299 package to complete the 4 month blood upgrade.

One bottle is $79 plus shipping which makes it $90.

I am always here if you have questions or need help.  727-798-8764.

Make sure to join my Way to Wellness Class every Sunday Evening on Zoom

I go over all the science and history behind the product and explain how it works in the body.  People will ask their questions and tell their powerful stories.  Invite your friends and those who you really want to understand everything about iHeRQles!

From 9-10 pm EDT
Here’s the direct link:
Click Here

Or if you just want to call in:
go to 301-715-8592 pin# 836 488 31733

Cool Rainbow!  Here’s My Powerful and Sweet Morning Ritual … I go to my garden every morning to do my Tai Chi Gung Movement and Meditation.  I eat my breakfast bowl of fruit and hot water with half a lemon and a few mint leaves, and I write my inspirations and frequently poetry, and I plan my day.  I do this every single day.  It starts my day off with peace and balance and joy — and focus!  I am so productive now and this is one of the biggest reasons why.

This is one of the little Blessings I wrote the other day for mealtime.  We are teaching my son Joshua’s babies to bless their food — to honor the life within the foods to nourish their bodies.  Joshua and Allison and 1 1/2-year-old Colton and 2 1/2-year-old Greyson live next door (I am so lucky) and we have a family dinner every evening.

So this our new blessing:   “Mother Father God — Please bless and multiply the good in this food that it may perfectly nourish our bodies and our souls! — Amen”   Blessings are powerful — especially if you are learning to grow your CHI — the energy that flows from you.  And I was short but specific about only blessing and multiplying the good in the food!  Since not everything in our food is good. Even though we try our best to serve food from nature that is filled with light and energy … not everything is. 

Want to join me in my garden and do Tai Chi Gung with me? Here’s my FREE CLASS.

To learn more about feeling CHI (energy, light, prana), playing with CHI, and healing with CHI … 

I was writing last evening to my beloved Charles.

Charles Possick 4-5-41 – 12-23-21

To Charles: A Love Poem

I have a love light in my heart for you Charles.
I will keep it always lit.
And you, my darling, you are my twin flame.
I feel you close to me.
You’re yang to my yin for perfect balance.
You kiss my forehead in blessing
like you have always done.
We meld. Become One.
We swirl and dance.
My heart overflows with Love
Blessings Forever

I am here …
if you have questions or just need someone who cares to talk with — call me.

And I am sending YOU Blessings for your Health and for Pure Outrageous Joy!

Kare Possick

Kare Possick

Visionary Artist, Author, &
Quantum Wellness Educator



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