Dear One –


When I heard that … those 6 words struck a chord deep within my soul!

Does it resonate with you there, too?

For the past 5 months, since my beloved Charles’ passing, I have been spending a lot of time doing a spiritual practice that is doing just that–preparing my vessel for higher frequencies.

There are four basic areas of our lives that we need to pay attention to for good health — practices that open and clean and nourish our vessels — and they all need to be in balance for optimal health and vitality! 

1) Breath — without oxygen we can only survive a few minutes.  But when we are under stress (which for many people is most of the time) we tend to breathe very shallowly or even hold our breath, which is just the opposite of what our bodies need at that time.

Take a deep slow breath right now — fill your lungs —  hold as long as is comfortable — relax and let go everywhere.   Then watch your body relax and open up. We must learn to breathe deeply and slowly. Breathing is an artform.

Do you take time daily to take slow, deep regenerative breaths of prana? Did you know that different breathing exercises can create different feelings and healings?

I teach a very powerful form of breathwork called The Golden Circle in one of my classes.  Click here now to watch it.

2)  Water — You can only survive a few days without water — yet some people rarely drink pure water — and a huge percentage of the population are severely dehydrated and don’t even know it.  Your body cannot function properly when it is dehydrated.

Your body requires about half your body weight in ounces of good water daily to keep your blood healthy (it’s 92% water) and it is the transportation system delivering oxygen and nutrients into the cells and organs, muscles, nerves, and bones!  It is critical to keep it open and flowing.

Without enough water, your vessel overheats, slows down, blood pressure rises, blockages occur, memory clouds, and moods darken. So go have a long drink of water now!

3 ) Movement —  This is the one that I was missing most since bone on bone in my hip kept me sitting in my electric cart — even though I had always been an athlete.  When I discovered the ancient, sacred regenerative movement of Tai Chi Gung — these simple movements that anyone can do–reprogrammed the energy flow in my body and reconnected me to the Divine Mother.  This sweet and profound movement brought me back into balance and health.  I have also lost 45 pounds since starting doing Tai Chi Gung daily — 5 months ago!  Join my free class click here.

4) Nutrition — We have so bastardized our food and there are so few nutrients in all the processed stuff that we have been brainwashed into calling food.
Life is in the blood and our food builds our blood. Real food is grown on our Earth and was nurtured with water and air and sunlight and nutrients directly from Mother Earth. Fresh fruits and vegetables and seeds and nuts … and high-quality wild-caught or free-range protein if you are not vegetarian.

And, of course, the highest frequency quantum wellness spray iHeRQles is, in my opinion, a most necessary adjunct to our nutrition … as it delivers the highest frequency, most active, and restorative nutritional molecules from 44 of the most powerful plants on the planet directly into our bloodstream!  It’s like getting a blood transfusion directly from Mother Nature. Click here for more info.

Another Superfood Adjunct that I don’t go a day without is Micronized Purple Rice — a rare heirloom form of rice nutrients that is a powder of just the nutrients from this rare ancient rice (It takes 100 pounds of rice to get 1 pound of nutrients!).  And it is so assimilable when mixed with water it is immediately absorbed through the cell membranes.  Click here for more info. Call Kare at 727-798-8764 for the specials that are not on the website.

So many of you are already using IHeRQles daily and feeling the Reverse Aging Benefits.  Are you sharing it with others yet?

Want something simple to say?  “I teach people how to Live Younger Now!  Let them ask you how.

Then ask if they would watch a video that explains everything? 

If yes? … then send them this video:
(Copy this link to send by text or email) This is the video below. Make sure you include your name and phone number when you share it.  Then ask–“when can I call you because I really value hearing what you think.”  Then if they have questions that you can’t answer– tell them that we are good friends and then set up a 3-way call with me and I will help you share it and sign them up under you!

This is the iHeRQles Video to Share with Friends and Family …

There is nothing like iHerQles to relax and unblock the circulatory system and the micro-circulation so that quantum nutrition and oxygen can go where they are needed.  It also nourishes your body so the blood can be cleaned as nothing else can.

And the stem cells get re-activated and the immune system comes up to full functioning so the body can actually reverse in biological age and issues by up to 20 or more years! I have found nothing better than this for everything in my 50+ years in natural healing and energy medicine.

There is no one that I do not recommend this amazing product to! This is the cleanest, safest, most profound molecular nutrition you can put in your body!

For more info go to:

Interview with the Neem Queen —

“Neem cleans the blood of 220+ parasites and pathogens!” — Pamela Stanford.

Listen to this if you want to do more to clean your vessel for higher frequencies!

Here’s my morning cup of Neem Tea — it is bitter but by the second week of drinking it my body was craving it.  But guess who hates it — Parasites and Pathogens!  To get to the Neem Queen’s website — click here.


My Other Favorite Superfood is Micronized Purple Rice

There is no more nutrient-dense and totally assimilable superfood than Micronized Purple Rice. When working to nourish your body back to wellness while preparing your vessel for higher frequencies … adding this concentrated 100% assimilable plant food source is the other most important thing I do daily.

This saved my husband’s life 9 years ago when he was sent home to get his affairs in order and I have 25,000 people using this amazing Superfood and swearing by it!

I don’t go a day without is Micronized Purple Rice — a rare heirloom form of rice nutrients that is a powder of just the nutrients from this rare ancient rice (It takes 100 pounds of rice to get 1 pound of nutrients!).  And it is so assimilable when mixed with water it is immediately absorbed through the cell membranes.  Click here for more info.

Quote of the Week:

“Make the world work for a hundred percent of humanity, in the shortest possible time, through spontaneous cooperation, without ecological offense or the disadvantage of anyone.  That should be our focus.” — Buckminster Fuller

My Mandala Message of the Week: A Spark of the Divine

This Sacred Seal resonates with the CROWN CHAKRA, the color violet, the note B, and the qualities of divine bliss, serenity, and spiritual consciousness.

The Message:
When all the chakras are open and spinning …
energy can travel freely from the earth mother
up through all the centers of the body.
When this portal at the crown opens …
pure white light from higher realms
streams in through the crown center
and anoints the body with Divine Light.
Resonate with the frequencies of this Seventh Sacred Seal
and experience bliss of fulfillment,
the ecstasy of completion,
and the flowering of the Soul.
Breathe and allow.
Let go and let God

Visit My Mandala Gallery — click here.

So — I do hope you have a wonderful week! 

Be conscious of preparing your vessels for higher frequencies.  Try to not add to the toxic load in your body!  Instead nourish your body with the highest nutrition, good breathing, good water, and sacred movement.

Hope to see you in my Sunday Night Zoom Class and in my free Playing with CHI class!

Blessings Dear One!  I’m here if you need me.





Kare Possick

Kare Possick

Visionary Artist, Author, &
Quantum Wellness Educator



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