Dear One –

No matter what news media you are listening to —
they are all predicting serious food shortages in our near future … worldwide!

What I know is that Food Crisis = Nutritional Crisis! And we all know how depleted and chemicalized our food supply is now … it can only get worse with what is coming.

I usually only write about uplifting things, but we need to prepare for this now for the health of ourselves and our families. So in this issue, I want to explain what we are doing to prepare for this food and nutritional crisis.

Watch my short video to hear what we are doing …

I truly believe that iHeRQles is the all plant-based quantum breakthrough that can restore our body-mind-and spirit so we can be healthy, thiink clearly, and make the best choices in these critical times.

I also believe that if you are reading this, YOU are one of the way-showers who are being called on to be a leader in helping to raise the frequency on the planet and reverse the damage and help to restore peace and health.  Does that resonate with you?

In my 50+ years in Natural Healing and Energy Medicine — this is the most important product I know of and I recommend it for every single man, woman, child, and pet for optimal health.

Why?  Because we live in toxic soup and our blood is as polluted as our rivers and streams. And there was nothing to clean the blood before iHeRQles!  And the body openly receives it by relaxing and opening the circulation and micro-circulation which then releases inflammation which is the cause of aging and all our issues!

It also nourishes our body so that the immune system can function the way it was meant to so it can locate and destroy the fast aging cells and the damaged and diseased cells and then replace them with our newly stimulated stem cells! This reverses biological age and issues in our bodies by replacing the old cells with brand new baby stem cells with long-life telomeres!

Please join me in my weekly iHeRQles Sunday Evening Zoom class/ phone class

9 pm eastern time 6 pm pacific time
Please invite your friends!  Or if you just want to call in go to 301-715-8592  pin# 836 488 31733

For more iHeRQles information click here.

Concentrated Super-Food —
Micronized Purple Rice is for Everyone!

This is my other must-have for the food crisis!

Here is my almost 3-year-old Grandson Greyson who has been eating Micronized Purple Rice ever since he began eating solid food. Watch him demonstrate how he mixes it up and drinks it daily.  His mother also sprinkles it on his food for additional nutrition.

This is an extremely important food that I have been eating and sharing for more than 9 years now because it is packed with plant nutrients and in a form that the body can utilize almost immediately — and it doesn’t even have to go through the whole digestive process because it is so small that most of it it is absorbed right through the lining of the mouth, throat, and esophagus before it even hits the stomach!

This rare and powerful strain of purple rice is grown only in one place on earth–Northern Thailand.  They gently remove the nutrients from the rice for this powerful powder.  It takes a 100 pounds of rice to get only 1 pound of nutrients, which they then mill to the size of a micron to make this powder so tiny and assimilable.  Your body gets 100% of these nutrients through the cell membrane to fuel the mitochondria with pure energy!

It is packed with poly-saccharides which are the god-made fuel to energize our mitochondria (cellular batteries), poly-peptides (nearly all nutrients including every amino acid in perfect balance which are the building blocks of protein), and anthocyanins (the highest frequency purple anti-oxidants which destroy free radicals in the body).

In this impending food crisis — this concentrated and assimilable pure nutrition is one of the most important foods in my pantry. 

Personally, I use between 1 teaspoon and 1 tablespoon of this superfood every morning in an ounce or two of water to start my day and fuel my body.  I take another serving before bedtime because our bodies heal when we are sleeping … so if we have all the nutrients we need we will sleep sounder and deeper and get into that healing space!  If I am challenged with stress or an injury or feel I have been exposed to something I increase it to give my body more energy to deal with the challenges.

Although you can order by clicking here … if you call me I have several money-saving specials going on right now that are not on my website.  I will pick up 7 days a week at 727-798-8764.

Messages From My Garden

With food shortages coming … it is time (maybe past time) to learn how to garden!!!

So I am focusing on learning how to grow food in my garden.  I have 50 fruit trees that produce loads of mangoes, loquats, jack fruit, peaches, and a bunch of really exotic fruits … but I have never had any real success in growing vegetables and herbs!

So here is a look at my little garden. I am starting many plants in my house under grow lights and then transplanting them into my outside garden and learning as I go.  This little video shows you my first attempts.  I have had some triumphs and some failures.  I have joined some online gardening communities and added plant snap to my phone for identification of things that are already growing that I don’t know if they are weeds or edible.  But most of all I am spending time in my garden and asking my plants and plant divas to teach me.  Here is what I am learning …

I will continue to post “Messages from my Garden”  and fill you in on what I am learning.  I just harvested loads of Lemongrass seeds — way more than I need, so if you would like me to send you some–email me at and I will send you some!

Keep Your Energy, Attitude, and Spirit High!
Here’s How I Do It…

It is so important in stressful times to keep your energy, your attitude, and your spirit high.  The one thing that I do daily that has profoundly elevated my energy, attitude, and spirit is an ancient, sacred movement called tai chi gung that anyone can easily do.

Let me demonstrate it for you here so you can see for yourself …  Click here and I will show you in a short video!

 Kare’s Prayers

The Bible says, “Ask and you shall receive … ask, believing, and it shall be given to you!”  Here is my ask — and when two or more are gathered … so please pray this with me.

“Mother Father God — I call for the raising of the frequencies on this planet  … so that the low frequencies that are hurting and destroying our children and damaging our health and our futures by polluting our air, food, and water for profit … be lifted up in frequency … to the frequency of peace, love, and outrageous joy!”

“To Pray is to Ask.  To Meditate is to Listen.  To Contemplate is to Become.” — Master Lama Rasaji

Mandala of the Week — Creative Juice

Do you need more creativity?  Then spend some time with my Creative Juice Mandala.

This Mandala resonates with the second chakra, the color orange, the note D, and the qualities of creativity, self-esteem, fluidity, balanced emotion, balanced sexuality, joy, and wellbeing.














This Mandala carries the resonant energy of pure creativity with all its creative choices on your 8-fold path to enlightenment.
Feel this medicine wheel amplifying the power of your creativity in all aspects of your life.
Allow this Mandala to unblock the creative flow wherever blockage is encountered in your body or in your world.
Stress, tension, pain, and numbness are all signs that creative energy has been blocked, trapped or stagnated.
May any blocked energy now be transformed into balanced creative energy that fuels your self-confidence to move you forward on your sacred path!
So be it!

So — be creative in your endeavor to prepare for this time of food shortages.
Fuel your cells with the powerhouse nutritionals and real foods.
Stay positive and raise your frequencies with your foods, your thoughts, your movements, and your prayers.

Remember that I am here if you need a friend.   You are in my thoughts and my prayers.

Kare Possick

Kare Possick

Visionary Artist, Author, &
Quantum Wellness Educator



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