Dear One –

Interesting times! Yep … and I believe we chose to be here now.  I also believe that we — you and I — and the other conscious beings that are joining us here, have traveled together before and have met up here once again to continue our work and our journey together … for the betterment of the planet.  Does this resonate with you?

You know me, I am always talking about raising our frequency.  I think it is the most critical thing we can do for our own health, for our own sanity, and for our own future.  And as we raise our frequency through what we feed our bodies and what we feed our minds, we are making a difference in the frequency of the planet and the advancement of our species!

It has been proven that our positive and loving thoughts can affect everyone and everything around us … just as hateful and fearful thoughts can.

So we really need to be very, very conscious that we don’t get caught up in being fearful of what may be coming economically and politically … and that we don’t get caught up in the “us vs. them” division. That will for sure bring our frequencies down!  We are all in this together even though we are all at different levels in advancement to the light.

Who trusts the news anymore?  So much of what we are being fed is so questionable, distorted, opinionated, and often downright false.  I was a Journalism major in college and the first thing we learned is that news stories are about reporting only the facts — never our opinion!  And if the facts don’t check out from several sources you cannot use them! I guess they don’t teach that anymore.

I have been getting my news from a source that I believe to be totally credible … from a source that no one pays off.  The source is a 3,300-year-old Lamasery in Tibet whose interest is in helping humanity to survive and evolve.  This source has been keeping safe some of the most profound sacred wisdom for centuries and has been involved and participating in, overseeing, and documenting more than three thousand years of history on the planet.

I recently interviewed the Spokesperson for this Lamasery, Master Lama Rasaji,  who is one of only 12 living Lamas on the planet.

His news and teachings encompass balancing and upgrading our physical bodies as well as our mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies.  But his information also extends into the financial and business realms as well.  Hear this fascinating interview for yourself…

A spokesperson for the oldest Lamasery in Tibet (3300 years old), Master Lama Rasaji is bringing out ancient sacred wisdom teachings that have been kept secret for centuries — teachings that are necessary for us now for our health, our happiness, our finances, our evolution, and our connection to the Divine no matter what you call the Creator or God. You will delight in his wisdom, wit, humor, compassion, and mission!

For more information … or to take the 45-Day Challenge which has brought more balance, energy, and peace to my life…go to

We Must Concentrate on Pure Food Sources!

It is becoming more and more obvious that our food is just not providing us with high-quality nutrients that are required to run our bodies at the level required for real health, clear thinking, passion for pursuing our purpose, and connection with the Divine.

If we are to treat our Body Temple with care and compassion, we must avoid eating lifeless food that has been so processed and has non-foods added that it can do us no good.  Processed, de-natured, chemicalized foods can only harm us.

Please become more conscious of what you are putting into your precious bodies.

Foods filled with light and nutrition … like our fruits and vegetables and nuts and seeds … are what was given to us to eat.  How much of your diet is natural and organic and filled with light?

And are you also praying over it?  Are you asking to receive only the highest and the best from it? Align your body and your mind with what you are choosing to nourish your Body Temple with.

If you have questions about what you should be eating for optimal health — ask your body what it requires.  I teach a simple exercise of how to use your body as a pendulum to answer questions about your nutrition.  Click here to watch it!


We Must Think
Outside the Box
We Need
Profound Nutrition Now!


Profound Nutrition is what I was looking for … my whole life … and most certainly now in this impending worldwide food shortage.

To me … profound nutrition has to be organic, high frequency, plant-based, highly concentrated, and almost immediately assimilable!

There are two very powerful and concentrated nutritionals that fit my requirements … that I don’t ever want to be without.

If I could only afford one of them — I’d choose iHeRQles.

iHeRQles is 100% plant-based, organic, quantum nutrition in a high-frequency wellness spray.

iHeRQles is 100% quantum nutrition (real food!) available directly to the bloodstream — to nourish in a profound way like nothing else ever has.

When you are giving your body powerful nutrition like iHeRQles, your body can wake up and rise up on so many levels including physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

This profound food can nourish your body in the direction of health … so the circulation and microcirculation relax and opens up to receive it, inflammation (the cause of aging and all our issues) quickly begins decreasing, the blood gets cleaner, massive amounts of stem cells are generated, the immune system comes back on line, and then the body reverses in biological age and issues!

In my 50+ years in natural healing and energy medicine, nothing has ever come close to comparing to what iHeRQles is and does.

Did you hear what Master Lama Rasaji said about iHeRQles?  He felt its energy even before he even sprayed it in his body.  When he did, it opened up his meridians and chakras and he then began seeing better, his allergies decreased, his endurance increased, and the feeling in his feet and legs increased.  He has his whole family on it and is recommending it to his huge worldwide following!

For more information on iHeRQles, click here.

Another Source of Profound Nutrition

My second source of profound nutrition is Micronized Purple Rice … a rare heirloom food grown in only one location on the planet (northern Thailand), planted and picked by hand according to the phases of the moon … and then, only the nutrients are used.

It takes nearly 100 pounds of Purple Rice to get 1 pound of nutrients! The product just contains the nutrients.

Then it is milled to the size of a micron, making this dense nutritional powder so tiny and assimilable that — when mixed in water and drunk — it is absorbed right through the membranes of the mouth, throat, esophagus, and stomach. It doesn’t have to go through the whole digestive process because it is already in and working!

I have a special running right now.  I will send you a free Blessing Bag that I designed with my personal OM sign stitched in gold … and in that bag will be another different free surprise product (one of my favorites).  I will send this to everyone who calls and places any size purple rice order now and ask for my Blessing Bag!

When you order 2 bottles they are $65 each and I will give you one more bottle free–
so 2+1 free bottle is $130 plus shipping and tax.
3+1 free bottle is $169 ($42.25 each)   ”
5+1 free bottles is $239 ($39.83 each) ”
8+2 free bottles is $349 ($34.90 each) ”

Remember to call me at 727-798-8764 and ask for my Blessings Bag!
My specials are not on my website.
Click here for more information on Micronized Purple Rice.


Are You Growing Your Own Food Yet?

We toured my outside garden last week.  Today let me show you what I am growing in my inside gardens.  Here’s a short video …


Are You Playing? Really?

Did you know that the opposite of play is depression?  Think about that.

If you are not playing … join my FREE CLASS called … Playing with CHI.  So far, I have a series of 7 videos teaching you how to:
* Feel CHI (energy, lifeforce)
* Play with CHI
* Heal with CHI
Sign Up by Clicking Here and I will send you a new video class every week to watch whenever you want. 

This may just be the most important information you have ever learned!


Mandala of the Week:
Angels Portal with St. Michael’s Sword

I created this Mandala during a workshop I was teaching on creating your own Personal Mandalas.

It was a very unusual design for me – and It came in with the title Angel’s Portal with St. Michael’s Sword – also an unusual name.

Here’s the amazing story behind the name: The day that I created the Mandala in Florida — a Unity minister friend of mine was visiting the Sacred Site of Machu Picchu in Peru. She had been guided to take one of my Silver Mandalas to open a portal on the planet in Peru somewhere during her journey. A shaman guided her to a cave early that morning to watch the sun rise over Machu Picchu and she was led to leave my Mandala under the shaman’s meditation stone where she had been meditating.

When she left the cave, the shaman told her the cave was named Angel’s Portal!

It wasn’t until days later upon her return that we learned of the connection between the two. My Mandalas contain frequencies to open portals on the body and on the planet – this was the first one to open a planetary portal–The Angel’s Portal — Protected by ArchAngel St. Michael’s Sword.

This Mandala holds strong protection over the planet and our interdimensional connection to healing.

To learn more about Mandalas or to see more of my Mandalas click here.


Kare’s Prayers

Sending you Blessings for Outrageous Joy!

Have a joyous week, take really good care of your precious self, and remember if you need a friend — I am here for you.

Kare Possick

Kare Possick

Visionary Artist, Author, &
Quantum Wellness Educator



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