Dear One –

Six months ago this was me! 

I didn’t think I could ever post this photo …
because 6 months ago I weighed 222 pounds
and rode around in my electric cart a lot
because it hurt too much to walk.

(I tried to post this really big,
but I just couldn’t stand looking at it)

I stayed away from the camera when I was that heavy
so there weren’t many photos to choose from either.
I only took head shots with good lighting instead.

And this is me today!

In 6 months time I have lost 50 pounds!

This has been a total transformation of body, mind, and spirit.

In this Kare Package, my goal is to share with you
all the steps that it took
for me to go from there to here.

Not only do I look a whole lot better …
I feel so much better, I am walking,
I am so much more productive,
and I am so much more connected to Divine Spirit!




That was my heaviest weight ever … and when the scale hit 222 that was the tipping point.  I absolutely had to turn my life and my weight around!

This is what I did first and what started the transformation …

I was doing almost everything right.  But not quite everything. Obviously …

Then a friend sent me a video link and said “Do this — it will change your life”.  It was in Divine Timing.  I was ready.

I watched the video of the FREE 45-Day Challenge — featuring an ancient sacred movement called Tai Chi Gung that has been kept secret in the oldest Lamasery in Tibet which is 3,300 years old.

It felt really really good!  And even though I was bone-on-bone in my hip (and refusing hip surgery!) I could still do it comfortably.  My body actually craved doing it!  I also downloaded the free Circle of Life book which explains all the areas that must be in balance for health and peace.

Here are the first 4 of the 8 sources of CHI (energy) that we must master.  

MIND.  Our thoughts must be positive and pure.  I was doing that.   BREATH.  We must be regularly breathing deep and slow and consciously.  I was doing that.  NUTRITION. We must be receiving the highest quality nutrition.  I was definitely doing that.  MOVEMENT.  And we must be in fluid movement. NOPE.

Just adding that the Tai Chi Gung movement began the whole process of my transformation by getting my Chi energy flowing back in rhythm with nature and the universe.   I did it daily and began thinking more clearly, sleeping sounder, becoming more organized and productive, and spending more time in nature and in connecting with the Divine!  Everything slowed down, fell into place, and it worked.

These ancient sacred movements also began sculpting my body and improving my balance, strength, and movement.  I began walking more rather than riding my electric cart both inside and outside my home.  I began waking up and reinventing myself at 74!

This was the first and foremost thing that started my transformation.  This training is powerful and free.  Please try it yourself — there is no telling how you will transform and thrive unless you try it yourself.
Please … please … Click Here to learn more and sign up for the Free 45-day challenge. 


Diet?  So here’s what I did and what I have learned.

Diets have never worked for me.  Like so many other people — I had done them all.

I was led to start with the 9-day Liver Cleanse from the book Liver Rescue by Anthony William. He wrote The Medical Medium + 9 other amazing books including the Liver Rescue.  Click here for his books.

The 9-day liver cleanse gave me item by item what to eat for 9 days so I didn’t have to make any decisions. And Hallelujah — I started losing weight.

Meanwhile, I went through my entire kitchen and pantry and got rid of all the comfort foods and junk that I didn’t want to tempt me … and kept only the cleanest and most natural fruits, vegetables, seeds, and nuts — vowing to only eat living foods!

I have been a member of Mindvalley for years …
it’s the best online cutting-edge Educational Platform


And then I began seeing Mindvalley’s ads for WildFit!  It impressed me.

Thousands of students have taken this Mindvalley Wildfit course and nearly all of them become really fit, lost weight, and have kept the weight off for years!!!  I was intrigued.  Nothing else has that kind of record of the weight not coming back. So I decided to try one more thing.  I joined the class!

Wildfit  = Food Freedom!

They advertised:  “Discover the revolutionary food freedom system & permanently erase your unhealthy food habits.”

And I can tell you personally — “Wildfit Works!”

It is not about what we eat,  and how much we eat, it is about why we eat and the programming that is running our eating!!!

And boy is it a different kind of fitness and weight loss class!  The first week of the 3-month class only wanted me to drink more water and keep eating what I was eating even if I knew I shouldn’t … but to pay attention to my self-talk before I ate it, and then how I felt eating it, and how I felt 1/2 hour later.

Then through daily 15-minute online classes with Eric Edmeades, we were gently led through a brilliant psychological awareness of how we have been brainwashed by the food industry and why we are eating what we eat. And we were taught about how our ancestors ate and in what season they ate specific things … and then we experienced eating that way!  And my food programming began changing … and so did my body!

Each week was different as to what foods were added or “put on hold” as we were made more and more aware of them.   My body got so clean and my tastebuds became so discerning … like never before.  I could put a leaf of an herb from my garden in a glass of water and actually taste it!

Junk foods that I used to crave are now obnoxiously sweet or salty or intense.

I had thought I knew about food and my body.  But I just didn’t know what I didn’t know!

I now really think so very differently about food!  And I know that keeping the weight off will never be a problem again … like it has been for all the yo-yo diets I have tried!  This program is really different.

So if you are like I was and nothing worked for weight loss — please take a look at Wildfit!  I’ll bet it will be your answer, too!

I really encourage you to check out Wildfit here now!

Click on the picture below for more info.







Of Course — Through it all, I sprayed iHeRQles 3 times a day!

It is critical that we get the highest quality nutrition into our bodies in a form that our bodies can use immediately!

Even doing Wildfit and eating only clean life-filled foods — those foods were still grown in depleted soils and still had to go through my digestive system. How’s your digestive system?  Is it working at 100%?  If not, you are still not getting all the nutrients from your depleted foods.

This is why I spray iHeRQles 3 times a day — morning, afternoon, and evening — to keep this quantum food nutrition working in my bloodstream all day long.

If you haven’t watched this new video … please watch this.  It is really good.  If you know of Hippocrates Wellness which is one of the premiere alternative wellness centers on the planet — where they serve their live-in patients ONLY their homegrown living sprouts!!! — Director Brian Clement is now also recommending iHeRQles to all who come to Hippocrates to get well!  And they are coming to Hippocrates from all around the world because they have such an incredibly high cure rate. This is a brilliant interview.

Click here for more information on iHeRQles go to

The Other Really Important Assimilable Food I Use Daily!

Micronized Purple Rice is the other food that bypasses the whole digestive process and gets right into the cells when you mix this ultra-fine dense nutritional powder in water and drink it.  It gets right through the cell membranes to fuel the mitochondria (the cellular batteries).

I added this Superfood into my diet 9 years ago and I don’t ever want to be without it … because it gets pure high-powered nutrition directly into my cells without having to eat tons of calories. Its like 4 calories per serving and contains polysaccharide sugars to fuel the mitochondria,  polypeptides which are all the nutrients including every amino acid in perfect balance (they are the building blocks of protein so I think every vegetarian really needs this), plus loads of anthocyanins — the most powerful purple antioxidants ever!

Watch my short little video of my morning routine using iHeRQles and Micronized Purple Rice.

Click here for more information on Micronized Purple Rice.


Quote of the Week — Love Loud Today!

“Making someone feel seen, heard, and understood is the loudest way to love them!”

Are you sharing your passion, your message, your favorite products, and your love with others?  Then make sure you are making them feel seen, heard, and understood.  In other words — Love Loud Today.


Mandala of the Week — Peaceful Communications

This Mandala contains both the language and the organization to aid in opening and clearing the sacred portal between dimensions.

Encircled by a powerful blessing to bring in assistance to clear the pathway between dimensions, this Sacred Seal aligns us to receive crystal clear communication and channeled information.

For most of us, this portal has been tightly sealed.  Resonating with the frequencies of this sacred geometry can bring in knowledge and understanding that surpasses all of our previous levels.

Activate this Mandala when working with dimensions of time and space (clearing old physical and emotional pain, programming, energy patterns, and karma).  Then experience new structured information flood your cells with the light of knowing the oneness of all there is.

Click here to learn more about my mandalas and see the gallery of them!

Please join me in my weekly iHeRQles Sunday Evening Zoom class/ phone class

Every Sunday night at 9 pm eastern time 6 pm pacific time.
Please invite your friends!  Or if you just want to call in go to 301-715-8592  pin# 836 488 31733

Blessings Dear Ones. 

Have a beautiful week filled with peace and joy and love.  I look forward to hearing from you.  727-798-8764

















Kare Possick

Kare Possick

Visionary Artist, Author, &
Quantum Wellness Educator



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