Dear One –

I have something really good for you!

If you’re anything like me and you find something that really works for you … and it might help a friend — YOU SHARE IT!
You share your story, your joy, your hope, your caring, and your inspiration. Right?

If you get really excited about sharing your “really good thing” — you want to share it with everyone because you know it will help them … because you are a kind and caring person who wants everyone to be healthy and happy.  If so, I’m just like you.

But time is so limited now … how could you possibly share it with everyone you know?

That’s just how I felt nearly 2 years ago when I first tried iHeRQles and began seeing powerful transformations in every one of my family members including me.

I was just too busy to figure out how to tell everyone … but then I just couldn’t shut up about it and started telling my friends and followers.  Then I just had to put that in writing and on video so I could share it more easily and efficiently.

And I can give YOU that email and that video here right now … and save you the time and frustration of recreating it or just not sharing what in your heart you know you need to.

I know this works because I have been using them and I have more than 25,000 people in my downline (my community).  And obviously many, many people are feeling just like me — that it is so important to educate as many people as possible … that iHeRQles is here now and that every person and pet can benefit  from this profound quantum nutrition that surpasses anything else they have ever taken.

I believe that iHeRQles is the most powerful nutrition I have ever put in my body in the more than 50 years that I have been in natural healing and energy medicine — and it is just what we all need to reverse the damage that has been caused by living in such a toxic environment.

So as a writer, college professor, and inspirational speaker … I am always writing copy and making videos … it is what I love to do!

So this is for YOU …
to make it easier to share iHeRQles with those you care about

1) Here is a copy of a sweet caring email letter for you to send to your email list to introduce them to iHeRQles.  CLICK HERE

2) Here is the video link to the video that I use that explains everything. Make sure to include your name and phone number with it whether you send it as a text or email.  LINK HERE

(Neither of the above has any of my information in them — you must insert your name, phone number, and website link. Remember to follow-up.)

If you then have people who have questions you can’t answer — please set up a 3-way call with me (at 727-262-0880) and I will help you. I will answer their questions and sign them up under you and teach you how to do it if you need help. Please never just give your contacts my number to call me if they have questions. I want to teach YOU what I do so you don’t need me.  And 3-way calls are powerful!

And if you haven’t been to my weekly Sunday Night Live ZOOM training called Live Younger Now  … below is an excerpt from it to give you a feel of my class. This is a safe place to bring your friends and family to hear about the history, the science, and how iHeRQles really works in the body.  People will ask their questions and also share their testimonials. There is no hype or sales pitch — just heartfelt education about the most important product on the planet that can nourish your body in such a way that your circulation and microcirculation open up, inflammation flows away, your blood gets cleaner, your immune system comes back online, your own stem cells are stimulated, and you actually reverse in biological age and issues by up to 20 or more years!!!!

I have never posted one of my Sunday Classes on YouTube before … but so many people liked the way I presented this information that Joshua cut out the testimonials stuff that could not be reproduced and posted.  My calls are usually an hour–the first 20 minutes is my explanation and the rest is questions and mind-blowing testimonials.

Please join me in my weekly iHeRQles Sunday Evening Zoom class/ phone class every Sunday night at 9 pm eastern time 6 pm pacific time.
Or if you just want to call in go to 301-715-8592  pin# 836 488 31733 .
Please invite your friends and family! 


The Best Kept Secret Tool!

If you are being compelled to teach others that there is a way back to health — we have built a website for our community to use that contains all the product info, videos, business information, and encouragement to help you.

Please go to  and use it — everything there is completely copyable … there are 3 dots in the upper corners of most pages  that will allow you to share it easily.  Check it out.  It was made to be used. In fact, the newest thing that Joshua put there was “The Email to Share with Everyone!”

My son Joshua and I are here to help you develop your sharing strategies.  Use the tools we create and then ask us for the next step if you need assistance.


How I Keep My Spirits UP!

This has been a rough year for me.  My beloved husband Charles left his physical body behind last December 23rd … so I have really had to make a lot of changes and adjustments in my life and businesses in the last seven months.

If you have been following me for a while you’ve probably noticed that I am reinventing myself!  And people are asking me — “How are you staying so positive?  How are you getting so much done? How are you looking so much better?”

Just like with food — if you put a lot of junk in … you can’t get healthy.  If you put in junk media and messages … you can’t get positive.

So I am making very conscious choices as to who I associate with, how I spend my precious time, who I spend my time with, who I listen to, and what programs I watch. I am reading and painting and working my tail off to create my new courses, write these weekly newsletters, and make new videos for my YouTube Channel.

But there are a few communities that I spend a lot of time with …
because they uplift me, educate me, and keep me positive and moving forward.

I listen to at least one or more class or meditation or hypnosis program every single day on Mindvalley– it is the primo alternative education platform.

Today people are moving away from the formal higher education industry (a 73 trillion dollar industry) and toward alternative education platforms for the most up-to-date classes and even certifications in absolutely everything imaginable!   I have taken SuperBrain from Jim Kwik, Rapid Transformation Hypnotherapy from Marisa Peer,  The Sylva Ultramind System from Vishen Lakhiani … and even my Wildfit Program that I took from Eric Edmeades that changed my psychology of eating and helped me lose 50 pounds (see my Kare Package 8 for that story) was from Mindvalley.  These and many more are all programs that I have taken that are keeping me positive and teaching me powerful new technologies and processes to raise my spirits, my productivity, and my frequencies.

MindValley has hundreds of amazing courses that can buy singly, or better yet, you can buy a membership and you can access all of them!  That’s what I do now and it is a real bargain if you use it.

I sure use it… When I wake up in the middle of the night — I play one of Marisa Peers’ master hypnotic lessons for anything from mindset to health or wealth or relationships … it puts me right to sleep and it reprograms my subconscious mind!  When I wake up in the morning I play Vishen Lakiani’s 6-Part Meditation to get my day started feeling focused and blessed.  Right now I am listening to a series called Course Pro because I am learning how to put my courses online and grow my audience … and it is giving me expert advice.

So I love Mindvalley!   CLICK HERE to check it out! I think you may just love it too.

I am also a member of THE CIRCLE OF LIFE which is a prime spiritual education platform that contains an amazing amount of free teachings and workshops to a super fast-growing worldwide audience of people.  And many are becoming avid followers and advanced students, teachers, and adepts through their Advanced Trainings.

I start my morning routine by listening to inspiration and lessons on The Daily Lama Program taught by Master Lama Rasaji (one of only 12 living Master Lamas on the planet. Then I do my morning warm-up and Tai Chi Gung Exercises which I learned in the free 45-day Tai Chi Gung Challenge that changed my life.

These ancient movements have truly transformed my body, mind, and spirit to such a point that I have asked for and been accepted into the Lamasery’s Teacher and Adept Training Program.  This oldest Lamasery in Tibet (3,300 years old) has kept this pure form secret and sacred for all these years and is just bringing it to a world that so needs to reconnect with the Truth and Divine Spirit (what ever you call the creator, god, quan yin, divine mother, abba, allah, chi, or source etc).

Sign in Here and sign up for the 45-day Challenge and get all the free materials including the Circle of Life Book.  Download the book — I am on my third reading.  It is simple and profound. I highly recommend it.  There are also weekly programs like Wellness Wednesdays, Mastermind Webinars, the Patriot and the Lama Show, the Latest News from the Lamasery, and more … but my absolute favorite program is a private members-only webinar taught every Friday afternoon for 2 hours by Master Lama Rasaji for his private students.  (members pay about $15 a month for these additional and advanced programs)



Kare’s Purple Rice Special
Call my office at 727-798-8764 to place any size order of Micronized Purple Rice — immediately assimilable profound nutrition — and ask for my free set of my MANDALA CARDS with channeled meditations and healing frequencies.
Buy 2 bottles at $65 each and get 3rd bottle free. $130
Buy 3 bottles and get 1 free ($42.25 each). $169
Buy 5 bottles and get 1 free ($39.83 each). $239
Buy 8 bottles and get 2 free (34.90 each). $349


Click here for more information on Micronized Purple Rice.

Mandala of the Week — Regeneration

This is the first Vesica Mandala that I created … it actually appears to be moving between dimensions recreating or regenerating itself in a new dimension. Its color frequencies, sacred geometries, and biosignatures make it one of the favorites among healers of the body, mind, and spirit.

Take a moment to breathe and focus from one circle to the other and see what emerges for you from this Regenerating Vesica Piscis.

A Vesica Piscis is created when two circles overlap. The almond shape in the middle is the vesica piscis … it is a portal between dimensions!

For more information and to view my Mandala Gallery CLICK HERE

A Sweet Treat for You from Kare’s Kitchen

I love these healthy no-cook raw vegan Coconut Date Balls and if you add Cacao they are Chocolate Coconut Date Balls!
–1 cup pecan halves
–1/2 half cup shredded unsweetened coconut
–1 cup soft pitted Medjool dates (about 10)
–1 tablespoon coconut oil
–1/2 teaspoon sea salt
–1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
— 3-4 tablespoons cacao powder (it is so good for your blood!) OPTIONAL
Blend pecans and coconut till crumbly and add the rest of the ingredients and blend till sticky and can roll into a ball.  Then roll in shredded coconut or coconut sugar.


Blessings Dear Ones.

Have a beautiful week filled with peace and joy and love.  Please share what you know will help others to feel better, reverse aging, fuel the body, learn more, or reconnect with the Divine. I am here to help you.  I look forward to hearing from you.  727-798-8764

















Kare Possick

Kare Possick

Visionary Artist, Author, &
Quantum Wellness Educator



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