Welcome to Class 2 Playing with CHI!

I hope you have been doing your ancient sacred movement daily so that you’re are becoming familiar with the feeling and moving your CHI!

Remember – SLO down and feel it.  Self-realization. Love. Oneness

I also hope you have joined our Facebook Support Group Playing with CHI.

Here’s the link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/playingwithchi   

Please … ask your questions and share your ah-ha’s and inspiration in our group!

The CHI breathing exercise that I will share with you in my video today is PROFOUND!

It is called the Golden Circle Breathing Exercise a focuses on bringing CHI from the all the way up your spine to the top of your Crown Chakra … opening up your Third Eye Chakra … and then circling back down the front of your body to begin again in the Root Chakra and back up your spine.

It is very important as you bring the CHI energy up into your head that … your eyes look up to your pineal gland or the Third Eye Chakra (close your eyes and look up toward the center of your forehead) and then place your tongue on the roof of your mouth!  This is a Yoga Posture for your head.

Then bring the CHI back down through your tongue and down the front of your body creating the Circle of Life in your body!   Keep it circling – up your spine to the top of your head and down the front … inhale up … exhale down …inhale up … exhale down.  Watch the video and I will show you how to do this.

This exercise will light up the energy flows in your body … like in the painting, I show you in the video with the meridians, chakras, vascular, and lymphatic systems.  (Using the iHeRQles high frequency wellness spray—will assist in opening up and clearing those channels as well.)

This Golden Circle Breathing CHI Exercise is also the best thing I know of to awaken and activate the Kundalini energy in your body.

So please add this breathing exercise to your daily practice of Tai Chi Gung … and you will build your CHI at a much faster rate.

Join my class here:

I have also been guided to do a Mandala reading at the end of each class.  This one is called “Prayer for Mother Earth.”

Mandalas are called “architecture for enlightenment” and “bridges into the metaphysical realm.” Mandalas are energy retention devices that make patterns of force visible. For Carl Jung, the mandala was his favorite psychological tool. Joseph Campbell says that mandalas are tools for personal meditation, healing, and self-realization. And Dr. Joan Borysenko says: “Mandalas can collapse time and space and bring us to the very heart of healing.”

I have been creating mandalas most of my life as personal meditation and healing tools. I was just storing them under my bed — until a life-changing message was delivered to me from Ascended Master Kuthumi … that 12 of my mandalas “were being called into service to be used to open up portals in the body and on the planet.

When I looked through my hundreds of mandalas in search of the 12 … 13 of them sort of “lit up”. Their impact on my life and the lives of many others has been amazing and profound. This is one of the 13.

Prayer for Mother Earth

This is the message that this mandala carries:

May all things grow and bloom. May Mother Earth wear flowers in her hair. May the ebbs and flows be gentle and loving. May growth be peaceful and enlightening. May we live in this garden and call it Paradise.

This lush green and growing Flower of Life Mandala is a gift to bring you grounding. It carries First Forest Frequencies and through them … plant spirits and devas and a fairy are welcomed.

Breathe deeply with your feet planted firmly on Mother Earth and allow the ancient energies of this sacred geometry to nurture and nourish you in ways you’ve never known on this plane before.

Relax and remember that your purpose in this garden is to fully experience Outrageous Joy. So be it!

So …  I will send you Class #3 of Playing with CHI in a week.  This is a Spiritual Practice that will awaken you.  Please practice daily and share what you are learning in our private Playing with CHI Facebook Group.

Blessings for Outrageous Joy,

Kare Possick

Kare Possick

Visionary Artist, Author, &
Quantum Wellness Educator




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