Playing with CHI … Class #3

Sending CHI and Going Deeper.

We are CHI energy … and in this class we are awakening the energy flows in our bodies – our energy meridians, our chakras, our circulation, and micro-circulation. We are awakening to the fact that all of this energy is who we really are! Feeling it, playing with it, healing with it is our superpower that has been hidden from us … but we are waking up to our super powers – and this how we do it!

Are you starting your day with these movements or are you doing them at the end of the day?

I find that I have to start my day with these or I just do not have the amount and quality of energy I am now used to.

These 4 standing exercises relate to the 4 Elements.

So let’s get the 4 Elements balanced in our bodies today.

Join me here

The Figure Eight (infinity sign for long life) is the Earth Element.

Send your roots down deep into Mother Earth to Ground. Notice how centering it is, too, because it brings your energy out, around and back to center over and over again!

For a quick brain recharge — Try imaging the figure eight running side to side in your head and then diagonally, then front to back, and keep it circling. I call this the golden shuttle and imagine that it is filled with light and it is lighting up all the brain cells and channels in my brain. Let me know what you think of this one!

The Twist is the Fire Element. It is recharging our bodies with the celestial fire.

The first time I do this movement I imagine it pumping the fire all the way up through me into my chest …while burning up all the toxins, negative thoughts and memories, and anything that does not serve my highest good. And when I am so full … it spills down my arms and flows out my hands and fingers releasing it back into the Universe to be cleaned back up into sparkling pure energy.

The second time we do the Twist and it is filling up our chest so full that it overflows down our arms … that energy is pure clean healing CHI! Use it where you need it!

The Crane is Air Element.

So as you raise your arms to fly consciously fill you whole chest and lungs with air with Fly Soar and dive down (stretch neck, shoulders, upper back) fly and dive down (stretch mid back to kidneys), fly and dive down (stretch low back) 2 times, then fly again and be sure to come down to ground, and stretch out your talons.

The Swim is the Water Element.

Swim through the water Chi. Bend your knees! Then call the CHI in and then see how you can expand and contract it before rolling it into a little ball and absorb it into your center so it can sparkle and shine through your entire body and glow way beyond your physical body. GLO God-realization, Love, Oneness.

My Mandala that I have brought you today is something we need more than ever. It is Called World Peace. Here it is:

And here is its channeled message:

Like the children of the world
holding sacred ceremony
around the creatures
of the air, earth, and seas…
this Mandala offers
a visual blessing for balance
and World Peace.

Our thoughts are creative.
What we think about we attract to us.

World Peace begins in our thoughts
expands to our homes
our families, our friends,
and then throughout the world.

Relax. Breathe. Smile.
Allow the sacred seed of peace
to grow in your heart
and bloom in your body and mind.
Imagine all the world’s people
holding sacred ceremony
to bless the creatures
of the air, earth, and sea.
Imagine Mother Nature pristine,
her air pure, her waters clean.

Birth the New Earth.
Hold the Vision of World Peace.

For more information on my Mandalas and what they do …. visit my Mandala Gallery.

Please remember to participate with your comments and insights in our Facebook Support Group.

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Kare Possick

Kare Possick

Visionary Artist, Author, &
Quantum Wellness Educator



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