Playing with CHI Class #4

Amping It Up!
Today we will be Amping Up the CHI in my Orchid Garden.

Let me share with you today how the CHI energy is becoming alive in me and all around me in nature, in my home, family, and the people I meet. This is all so connected and sacred.

I hope you are feeling it, too … and sharing your experiences either below here under comments or in our Facebook Support group

My Orchid Garden is such a sacred place … I am so happy to share it’s very special energy with you today in our class. So please join me here now:

Are you noticing where your blockages are? Are you unblocking those to make more CHI energy available to you?

Are you noticing more about what you are fueling your body with? Are you craving more foods that are filled with living CHI? Are you at least blessings your foods with your CHI?

Next week we will have class in my Vegetable Garden and I will show you how I am showering my plants with CHI!

Have a blessed week. Feel your CHI, Play with CHI, and Heal yourself and others with CHI.

Spend a little time on the right side of my blog – each piece of art links to a lot more important information.

There are many short lessons that I’d like to share with you in Lessons from the Heart of Kare

If you haven’t connected with Master Lama Rasaji – please Click on this link – he has so much to reveal to us that has been hidden for centuries. Get his Daily Lama messages … and there is so much more, most of it is free, and all of it is inspiring and important for our lives as we live through this time of transformation of the darkness into the light.

Blessings for your Health Dear Ones. Blessings for Outrageous Joy! I will see you next week in my garden.

I look forward to hearing from you. Remember if you leave me a testimonial either below or on my Facebook page (along with your address) I will send you a beautiful little satin pouch filled with my Mandala Cards.

Kare Possick

Kare Possick

Visionary Artist, Author, &
Quantum Wellness Educator



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