Playing with CHI

with Kare Possick

I am so happy for you to join me for “Playing w/ CHI!”
This may be the most important knowledge you will ever learn:

to feel CHI (energy, life-force, prana, god-source, love)

to play with CHI (children learn from play—and so do you)
to heal with CHI (yourself, your plants, your pets, others)
This recently released … ancient, sacred regenerative art form—the secret to our superpowers –has been kept safe, but secret from us, for more than 3000 years!
And this feels so good, and can do so much good for our body, mind, and spirit that you will want to do it daily.

And if you do it daily, your life will become:

more peaceful and meaningful
more balanced and open
more creative and productive
more connected to the Divine

Hi! I’m Kare Possick.

I’m a Visionary Artist, Author, and Quantum Wellness Educator who has been focused teaching natural healing and energy medicine for 50 years.

I am passionate about helping people come back into health and balance totally naturally.

I have been on the faculty of two Universities, run a Biofeedback Clinic in Ohio, opened a Yoga School in Florida, brought healers together to learn new Quantum Healing Technologies on Quantum Consciousness Cruises to Sacred Sites, written several books, was president of a Light Tool company, and have taught worldwide.

While teaching Yoga in China at the World Congress of Natural Healing … I had the opportunity to travel around China and study with 11 different Chi Gung Masters and became fascinated with the powerful use of focused life-force energy or Chi for self defense and also for healing.

And most recently I have studied Tai Chi Gung with Master Lama Rasaji who is one of only 12 living Master Lamas in the world and who is the spokesperson for the oldest Lamasery in Tibet (3,300 years old) that has been protecting this ancient, sacred regenerative art form all this time and has recently brought it out and shared it with the world!

This Class – “Playing with CHI” is a compilation of all that I have learned and taught and is in a format that can help you to feel your CHI, play with CHI, and heal with CHI … with the emphasis on Playing, because not only do children learn by playing—so do we!

I live in St. Petersburg, Florida, on a few acres of Paradise with fruit trees, Orchid Gardens, Vegetable Gardens, chickens, quail, bunnies, and my two Golden Doodles. So join me in my gardens for “Playing w/ CHI”… it can take you to a whole new level of balance, peace, and well-being.

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