Kare Possick


Truth ❤ Love ❤ Simplicity

Visionary Artist, Author, & Quantum Wellness Educator

In my 70++ years on this planet … I have always been an insatiable Student and a passionate Teacher and College Professor … especially in the area of Metaphysics (including Religion, Science, Quantum Physics, Energy Medicine, Natural Healing and Remedies, Yoga, and Tai Chi Gung) as well as Visionary Artist creating Mandalas that are energy devices.

The newest Healing Technologies have always come to me first … which originated from my passionately seeking explanations about energy as a small child who played with faeries and had extra sensory abilities … and the wisdom to keep quiet about it.

I pioneered Biofeedback in the early 70’s … and Biofeedback evolved into a Complex Computerized Technology called the Quantum Xeroid Consciousness Interface — that could actually scan the body for what is missing or imbalanced energetically (even at a distance) and then send the frequencies to re-balance and regenerate. There are many such similar technologies and new modalities now. I think I have them all. Ask me for stories!

I hosted and taught Quantum Consciousness Cruises centered around educating doctors and healers about the newest healing Techniques and Technologies while visiting sacred sites around the world. I think I might do that again! Whose in?

I have run a Yoga School, and taught Yoga, Tai Chi, and Chi Gung worldwide. Also I wrote several books on health and quantum wellness … and have run several extremely successful home based businesses sharing my natural products and knowledge so my whole family could work from home, raise our family, travel the world, help people improve their health, and provide a really beautiful living.

In 2021 I  found an all plant-based high frequency quantum wellness spray called iHeRQles that took the place of every supplement that I had been taking  and recommending … and began reversing conditions I had never seen reverse before — even reversing biological age and issues. I began a YouTube Channel called Kare’s High Frequency Wellness and people began seeing me look and feel younger. More than 30,000 people are using it with me now.

But at the end of 2022 everything changed when my husband, business partner, and love of my life left his physical body.

Within a matter of days I was guided to the Circle of LIfe on the Internet and began doing the 45-day Tai Chi Gung Challenge with Master Lama Rasaji which promised to change my life … and it certainly did!

I recognized Tai Chi Gung as the original and complete ancient, sacred regenerative movement that could take me to a whole new level … and it did.  Tai Chi Gung had been kept sacred and secret in a 3,300-year-old Lamasery in Tibet and was recently released to the world by Master Lama Rasaji, one of only 12 living master lamas on the planet and spokesperson for the oldest Lamasery on the planet.  It restored my body, mind, and spirit at age 74 and set me on a whole new and exciting pathway.

I have become a Teacher and Adept in Tai Chi Gung and am teaching both locally and online and will be giving seminars in the near future.  I am healthier and happier and everything keeps getting better and better. I am getting younger, more flexible, more connected to Divine Source and looking forward to so much more that I just can’t help but smile and know that the best is yet to come.

Sign up for my Kare Package Newsletter and I will keep you updated.  Call me and let’s connect or reconnect.  Join me online or in class or on a cruise.  I know we have been connected before and have joyous work to do together in the future!  Blessings Dear One.

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